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  1. Abby Dark-Star would make a great cosplay guest.
  2. I booked two tickets to the dinner a couple of weeks ago, I send an email with my guest preferrences at the same time but I have not received a reply. I was wondering when ticket holders will be told who they will be sitting with? I very much look forward to your reply.
  3. I would love to see: Peter Fontaine from For Your Eyes Only Clifton James Lewis Gilbert Alec Mills Margot Kidder Adam West Burt Ward
  4. It would be great to see Peter Fontaine added to the guest list. He appeared in For Your Eyes Only as the captain of the MI6 ship that was sunk in the beginning of the film.
  5. I personally would also like to see some more ‘meatier’ guests announced i.e. like George Lazenby, Christopher Lee, Maud Adams, Richard Kiel, Louis Jourdan, Steven Berkoff, Michael Lonsdale and David Hedison. Timothy Dalton would not do a convention appearance as he refuses to sign James Bond items and generally doesn’t like signing anything. Although the same was also true of Diana Rigg and she did a convention last year, so if the money is right then who knows!
  6. Given that James Bond is celebrating 50 years of cinema this year I think it would be ludicrous for Bond not to have a big presence at Autographica or indeed at any other film convention this year. I very much hope that Autographica will get even more Bond guests, particularly from the early films i.e. Ursula Andress. This is not necessarily a bad thing for non-Bond fans as many Bond actors have also appeared in other films and TV that would be of interest to the more general film fan, for example Bond guests already announced have also appeared in Superman III, Indiana Jones, The Persuaders, Lethal Weapon, Die Hard and Alien. So even if Autographica ONLY had Bond guests then there would still be lots for non-Bond fans to enjoy because of the varied and long careers that these guests have had.
  7. I think its great that James Bond is doing so well, in terms of guests and quite rightly, given that we have entered the 50th Anniversary year and I really hope a lot more are announced in the upcoming months. I would like to suggest that David Hedison would make a great and popular guest. I believe he has attended many UK events in the past and I am sure he would be interested in attending, if approached.
  8. Here's my wish list: Brian Clemens - writer of the Avengers etc Ken Wallis - YOLT stunts Sir Robert Rietti†- Bond and the Persuaders Jeremy Burnham - Avengers writer Johnny Goodman - Persuaders and Saint producer Richard Briers
  9. I was wondering if the day will include a tour of the studios? perhaps not the stages as that throws up a lot of permission issues but how about a tour of the studio lot, with perhaps limited access to a few other areas?
  10. If I was to take an item to an expert I would take it to one of the top auction houses in London, as you quite rightly say, you can not trust all experts, that's why I would go the best if I had an item of high value.
  11. Hi keithporter23, what Persuaders! items did you get Mr Curtis to sign? In addition to the signed photo of Roger Moore and Tony Curtis I also have my 2007 Persuaders DVD collection signed by Roger Moore and about a dozen other people involved in the show, both actors and crew members.
  12. I agree, none of the ways I mentioned were 100% but I think all you can do is research who you buy from as much as possible and get as much proof as possible, or is there a better way to check an item is genuine that I have not mentioned? - apart from taking it to an expert or getting the autographs in person.
  13. I'm certainly very careful of what I buy when it comes to autographs, ideally of course if the item comes with a picture of the star getting it signed that is pretty good proof! Also if the person selling the item has a picture of himself with the celebrity (and can of course also prove that he is the person in the photo!), or if he has tickets to the show that the celebrity was at is another way of limiting the risk. But I agree that unless you get the star to sign it infront of you, then it can be very difficult to know whether something is genuine or not. I suppose I asked what other people had signed by Tony Curtis to get an idea of what is out there, the sort of things one might expect to come across on ebay etc.
  14. I hope this post won't get deleted as its quite nice to find out what other people have in their collections and I would also have thought that this forum would be a good place to sell and trade items beacuse of the specialist knowledge that the people on this forum have, i.e. this knowledge could help to stop the selling of fakes etc. Obviously if people were to start selling autographs of stars that Showmasters currently represent, then I could see why they might want to close the thread, but as Mr. Curtis has been gone for awhile, hopefully they will keep the thread open.
  15. Hello, I was wondering how many people on these forums was lucky enough to meet Tony Curtis in 2008 at Autograph and what items did you get him to sign? I was not able to attend the event but I do have a couple of Tony Curtis autographs: A 10x8 Colour photo signed by Roger Moore and Tony Curtis A limited printing of his autobiography signed A signed DVD sleeve of Spartacus Edit: Sorry but you are not allowed to sell items on this forum.
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