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  1. Crystal Lake Memories. The complete History Of Friday The 13th. Peter M. Bracke.
  2. I think there will be a few more Mandalorian signings for her after todays episode.
  3. Lee Majors. I really should have got him. I came away with £5 in my wallet. Hopefully Lee will come back.
  4. On the Tube issue. Yes, there were delays to trains. Station staff were directing people to go to West Brompton and change or I think I heard that a bus was running. When I arrived at Earls Court, a lot of people were waiting and then quickly moved off to go to West Brompton. A tube arrived just as they disappeared !
  5. I believe I will be going to this event.
  6. Nice one. I was going to ask the same question. BTW, Are tickets available on the door? Thanks.
  7. Wow! Great. Will her signing be limited to film and tv or will she be signing CDs as well?
  8. Awesome. At last my Firefly cast photo will be complete.
  9. Hi QS Got your email. Got my refund okay in the end. Thanks.
  10. Been reading all your comments. Wish I was there. I Could not make it today. Got food poisoning or something. Been really bad, so could not make the trip. You all have a great time guys and girls. Man down.
  11. QS, you have been a star with all this disruption going on. We all appreciate what you have done for us. Thank you.
  12. I had my Ted Raimi refunded the other day. There is nothing in my Eventbright account now only the entry ticket. Fingers crossed.
  13. Nothing in my account yet so I don't know if I have the £86 coming or just £20. The email does say (partial refund) so I am thinking it will be the £20 unless they have sorted themselves out.
  14. Janette Scott (Day Of The Triffids, The Old Dark House, Paranoiac, Siege Of The Saxons, Crack In The World ….)
  15. Awesome! I met Ted some years back now when Xena was airing. Great to meet him again.
  16. Okay, thanks. Yep, I just had a look and it is right at the bottom of the page on the left hand side. I was looking at the main ticket image. Phew! Thanks for your help.
  17. There seems to be some concern on another thread about the lack of batch numbers on the photo shoot tickets. I just checked my Megan photo shoot ticket and there is no batch number on it. When I booked, it came up as Saturday batch B or C I think but there is nothing at all on the ticket. Am I going to have a problem on the day?
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