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  1. :'( maybe Annie & Mackenzie who play D8 & 9 tributes they have done a lot of conventions since the film maybe hey will come to this one? :)
  2. Any chance of a Hunger Games photoshoot? with all attending? :)
  3. So will there be talks at this event? When will they be announced, like time's places, what talks there's going to be etc.? Will a map / layout of the event be up on the forum / website before the show?
  4. So do we buy the pass and hotel separately? i'm really confused
  5. how do we get a refund for the hotel?
  6. What happens when we want more than 1 autograph from a guest?
  7. A quick question but how many guests normally attend these sorts of events like will this be it or more?
  8. I thought it was amazing and as some of you say i do agree that a couple of scenes which should of been included wenrt but all well. But is it me or are some parts of promo pics,trading card images and seconds of the trailer not in the film?.
  9. I absolutely cannot wait for the film, the books have been amazing one of the best i've read in ages. I can't wait to see the film, from all the promotions i would say all the capitol scenes are my favourite to see on the big screen. :)
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