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  1. Hey! I use a 12x12 scrapbook album. The leaves are big enough to accommodate 8x10 photos (and anything smaller like photoshoot prints, obviously), and I use photo corners to keep them in place. I've taken to scrapbooking my autographs and photoshoots (not cutting them down or anything - shock, horror!) - just prettying up the background of the pages so they're not all white, and include notes or memories of meeting the guest. You can buy coloured 12x12 cardstock - lots of it acid free - to use as a base (if you'd like something different from the white provided) from your local craft store, or online retailer. Hope that helps!
  2. oh god yeah that would be awsome Sorry guys, James announced on his Facebook page that due to a new acting role he's been offered "'Ghost of the Robot' is going to rock out without me for a bit. I will also not be able to accompany them for their European tour this July." I don't usually put up guesses on these threads, but: Nikolaj Coster-Walder. I'd be super-happy if he were to be announced for LFCC tonight!
  3. Yep! Totally up for some more LoTR / Hobbit guests!
  4. Labyrinth and Dark Crystal props absolutely have my vote! I wasn't at LFCC Winter, so a second visit of Ludo would be incredibly welcome! Skeksis, Mystics, Gelflings, Ludo, Hoggle, Goblins, Didymus... got my vote (and my money) for all of those!
  5. Just got back from seeing Divergent for a second time at the cinema. Such a good film! I therefore suggest Theo James and Shailene Woodley - it would be awesome to meet them!
  6. This was my first Autographica (although I've plenty of experience with the bigger LFCC and Collectormania events) and very much enjoyed it - as everyone else has said, much more relaxed as an event! I came just to meet Robert Davi, so was only at the event for an hour or two - so very much worth it; it was an absolute pleasure to meet him! Thanks for the event, guys!
  7. Awesome! Thank you! Not sure why I thought the last date had passed, clearly getting myself mixed up - thanks for the confirmation!
  8. Hello! I'm afraid I've been very disorganised and haven't bought tickets. Can I check it's ok to just turn up and buy an entrance ticket and photoshoot (Robert Davi) on the door? Thanks.
  9. Request for Billy Burke to be invited to an SM event! :0) Personally, I'd love to meet him on account of his role as Miles Matheson in Revolution. I'm sure I can get a couple of seconders Twilight fans too...! :0)
  10. Steve Guttenberg and Bobcat Goldthwait in particular would be awesome guests!
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