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  1. Can't believe it. Can't do Cardiff
  2. Really lovely guy. One of the nicest guests I've met
  3. rosie727

    Guest Postponed - Lucy Davis

    At least she's still coming in spring
  4. rosie727


    My finances couldn't take that lol
  5. rosie727

    What time are you queuing on Friday?

    Depends what time my train gets in to whether I'll be attending Friday otherwise it will early sat
  6. Really happy with this announcement
  7. Nice guy. Didn't get my accent tho lol
  8. rosie727

    Latest Guest Announcement - IAN WHYTE

    He is a lovely guy. Worth meeting
  9. Oh Mocking jay guest as well as Expanse
  10. Any chance of a 100 group shot with her Paige and Johnny
  11. Its so bad that i remember him as a rugby player!!!!! Great guest