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great day and great guests. here are a couple (i didn't take many, but got a lot taken of me;) )



me as a tusken raider (you proberly didn't see me but you could hear me)



me and gary kurtz (what a gent)


if you have any pics of me or taken with me could you please send them to tubbytusken@yahoo.co.uk


thank you


I had a pic with you! :( (thanks again for that).

I'll email it to you.

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oh dear ive made a spam up ive posted a photo of me a nd tom baker in the dorklords link sorry so if you want to see it go there told you dont know what im doing opps


Here's the link to my photos from Saturday. I've put them into the photo gallery of my website.



sorry ive cocked up with putting a pic on your website of me and tom baker thought it was some where to upload my pic oh dear sorry just shows i dont know what im doing

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I’m not one for posting photos but I was really pleased with this one. At first Jake was a bit reluctant to have a group photo with his mom but in the end he happily obliged!! As a SW fan getting Jakes autograph on my poster was a must this weekend!


I was a wee bit tired as I had been awake since 4:30am to get down to london




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To the person asking if Edward did hugs: He was putting his arm around folk but I asked if I could hug him and he had no problem with it..I love my photoshoot with him :(. I'll up load it soon tho.


For now:





^i look soo bad here but its because i was so nervous





Hey, met you in the Phelps queue :) x

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He was so nice but the wolves from the movie had been in the paper in the morning and bless him he was desperate to see it


These pixs are pix OF pix but ill upload the better quality once i am back at home.






and my fav pic from the whole weekend :D



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zombielorneemandrobeem.jpg The last pic is of me and my bro as zombies...totally brilliant!


Wow your brother looks like 'The Rock'! :blink:




Lol! Yeah you are right in this pic he does!!! But he soooo don't in real life! He just has a big spam and chin! He he he! :P:P:P

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