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  1. last nights episode was better. still not sure of the whole US thing going on, but it is getting better!!
  2. Thursday people! Not long to wait!!! Goodness I am sooooo excited!!!
  3. Have to say, so far Im not really impressed by this season of Smallville. Its lacking excitement. I just hope it picks up!!!
  4. Can we have Tom Selleck (Magnum PI and Blue Bloods)?? please
  5. Last one in the series next week! This season has been very gripping!!!
  6. Through all the negativity of the last couple of comments, I really enjoy it!
  7. I have started reading The Vampire Diaries. So far so good! but very different!
  8. OMG Spooks last night!!! tut tut tut Lucas !!!
  9. Did any body listen to the annoying Fearne Cotton on Radio 1 yesterday? She had Bradley Cooper and Liam Neeson on. I must admit as far as eye candy goes very nice (as they used the webcam). However between songs both looked totally bored out of their brains, bless them. At one point Bradley was texting or something on his phone. Although saying that Radio 1 did cut out the songs and just concentrated on the interview. however the interview conducted by Fearne Cotton was shoddy and embarrasing! Sorry just needed to air my thoughts!
  10. I must admit, I am actually enjoying Spartacus.
  11. I managed to get a special screening of the new A-Team film this weekend and I really enjoyed it!!!
  12. i have the whole box set of books, but havent yet started reading them. my housemate rates the books though, she loves them
  13. Afternoon All Did any one see the Eclipse previews this weekend? I saw it on both Saturday and Sunday and loved it. THE best film so far. I personally thought it stayed more or less true to the book. It had some nice comical bits and Edward even managed to crack a couple of smiles. I was unsure about how the new Victoria would come across (as its a different actress) but I honestly beleive that she was good! Everyones thoughts would be great!
  14. Wow, what a great idea. I am still in contact with him from CMK15 last year. Lovely man!
  15. I bought a bottle from Collectormania 16. Its inthe cupboard waiting to be drunk! :)
  16. Short and sweet, although i did manage to shake his hand!! Very nice chap
  17. Walnut Tree, Milton Keynes. About 5 mins away from the Stadium!!!
  18. have got tickets for the Saturday with the girlies and the Sunday with my mum!!! so excited!!
  19. i had to sleep on this! wondering if it was too expensive and can i afford £35 for a photo shoot. but hey what the hell, you only live once! so i thought sod it!!! i have just put my order through!!!!
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