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  1. I'd have been pretty disappointed, most the time I'll only meet the guests if they're doing posed photos. I met Amber a few years ago and she's the nicest person you could ever meet, got a nice pic with her.
  2. That's a shame Jewel wasn't doing posed photos, I'd like to meet her but the posed photo can be a make or break sometimes.
  3. I think its fair to say there is also no need to comment on typos such as my miss spelling of Sugar. I think we all know that there are some awful grammar and spelling errors on here and its just part of the ‘game’ although I was tempted to comment at the recent ‘serves’ rather than ‘service’ blunder, I decided against it, as there really is no need and just shows up the person making the correction. Quite. Criticise some peoples misspellings and yet defend others when their misspellings are pointed out by others...
  4. Have showmasters ever had anyone who has been on the show?
  5. Since we're on the subject of cosplay, and this isn't about showmasters it's about the people, my wife was getting a little fed up by the end of the day after being bothered by storm troopers all day (patting her bag, touching her arm, etc), it's fun the first time but gets a little boring and annoying after a while. I'm sure having a mask on can alter someones behaviour. Personally, I think it's cool if people want to dress up but that doesn't mean I want to be involved either, I'll happily have a conversation with anyone in the world but I'm not really interested in being part of someones role play. Most people were well behaved and looked good, it has to be said.
  6. Hey Nicky, you said in this thread you sent Bruce an email, I know it's supposed to be a poorly kept secret what his email is but I haven't found it, don't suppose you could tell me? Hey Nicky, you said in this thread you sent Bruce an email, I know it's supposed to be a poorly kept secret what his email is but I haven't found it, don't suppose you could tell me? I thought Bruce was in great form at this con, though I did suffer a bit of "s***, I don't know what to say!" when I actually got to meet him.
  7. David Simon Dominic West Wendell Pierce Lance Reddick Sonja Sohn Seth Gilliam Domenick Lombardozzi Clarke Peters Andre Royo Michael K. Williams Jim True-Frost J.D. Williams Peter Krause Michael C Hall Lauren Ambrose Freddy Rodríguez Rachel Griffiths
  8. He was ok with me but a little standoffish, I wanted a posed photo but when he was signing the assistant said to take a picture while he was signing, so I didn't quite get the type of picture I wanted but oh well.
  9. The signature is a bit hard to see from the scan I've done, but you can see it fine on the actual picture itself. Also the green line came up on the scan for some reason... Again the signature is very black on this scan but looks fine on the picture itself. I also have a couple of photos with him but they're on the PC at home, will upload later.
  10. Yes but we already have people moaning as it is I thought it was a reasonable idea anyway.
  11. With regards to the issue of photos, I always thought it would be a good idea to have a significant discount on getting your photo session printout signed, if you've spent £20 to get a photoshoot, why not make it cost only £10 to get it signed? Personally I am only really interested in meeting the guest and getting a photo (not really bothered about an autograpth truth be told), quite often I have to pay to do both which is a bit of a shame if you ask me but that's how it goes.
  12. A lot of stalls had their DVD's (region 1) removed by Trading Standards at either the last Collectomania or the one before,i guess they didn't want to take a chance this time. Ahhh I see, thanks. That's a shame
  13. Regarding the stalls I did notice a lack of places selling DVDs, in previous events we've found some pretty hard to find stuff for reasonable prices (and a lot of other stuff at very unreasonable prices!) but there weren't any stalls set more than a handful of DVDs, would be nice to have more next time.
  14. The person doing Nathan's tickets on Sunday was nice, talked to me about my Slither t-shirt, shame there were not Slither pictures, that film doesn't get enough love. I thought all the crew I spoke to were helpful and courteous.
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