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  1. i only paid for 3 and 4 came back lol
  2. i thought the crew did very well to keep the waiting crowds under controll while wating for there photos to come back .i felt sorry for the guy who had to shout tom baker hasnt come back yet i bet he had no voice the next day .well done to the crew there for a grand job thanks :thumbup:
  3. ok thanks i stayed at the double tree in 2010 ita great place
  4. well ive just gone to book the double tree for next year for those dates incase tom baker was to be there again and blow me there is no available rooms .i might be better ring ing to see what they say
  5. tom has always been great with me it was my 12th time meeting him he knows me by name now .in 2 years time tom will be 80 so i guess he would be tired during the day it would have been a long day for him he did well
  6. tom is good like that ive been at events where tom has give kids some pocket money he is a great true gent .im glad you had a great time meeting tom it was my 12th time meeting tom and he is always great with me
  7. tom baker was great he loved his bottle of wine i gave him and had photos took with him he signed my tom art picture
  8. was it you i bumped in to in the photo que for tom baker
  9. thank you to show masters for a great day it was manic but tomtastic and a huge thank you to the crew who did a great job :thumbup:
  10. what a gent tom was it was so busy for him that he offered to stay till 6 i was lucky enough to have my tom art portrate signed by tom as it was busy it was jammpacked out all day at the event
  11. yes i always say to tom baker its for me then i leave it to him what he puts then with tom i dont have to say what i want putting for me less its for some one else who has asked me to get some thing signed by him then i tell tom its for them tomis good like that
  12. in the times it says classic dr who talks and later in the day the 5 drs talks can i ask what the difference is with the 2 thanks
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