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  1. Some of you are probably aware that 'Back to the Future' & 'Back to the Future Part II' are being shown as a double bill this Friday (28/08/09) at a London cinema. Just wondered if anyone is planning on going? Not sure if forum rules permit me to mention the name of the cinema, so if you want to know more I'll gladly email you details... Locutus
  2. Afraid not, according to the leaflets at Comic Con its the same price at paid for shows. So £10 for early bird. Actually I just read the leaflet and it states 'Free Entry', yet also has admission fees at the bottom. Anyhow, Too Tall has clarified the situation so thats that...
  3. David is quite right, this has been asked over the years but its not yet happened. Doesnt mean its not somewhere on SM's 'To Do' list though...
  4. Goodness me how awful, I wish I could think of something comforting to say! I sincerely hope it makes its way back to you somehow. Not a very helpful remark I know but mistakes like this happen, dont punish yourself over it. The outfit sounds great, I dont think I did see you though!
  5. I can understand that if you simply apply this idea on top of the existing system (which as you suggest is already pretty intense for those involved) it would just make things even slower and more stressful. However I do think the concept is a good idea and I'm not sure that you can say "...It'll never happen". Obviously SM would have to change the present system to accomodate an idea like this. Without the proper planning and a ROI study theres no real way to tell if this is a viable suggestion or not...
  6. Those are some great items! I almost certainly would have been in a bidding war with you had I attended on Sunday!
  7. She stood behind me as I was waiting for Jewel, and I know Julie has had alot of bad comments in the past on here but she was being really nice with the guests while I was there. I've seen her many times at SM events in her capacity as an agent. I'd would have liked to have ask for her autograph actually but since I've never met her as a 'guest' I've always felt that would be bad etiquette...
  8. Excellent! The 3rd item I got him to sign was an 8x10 of the star trek captains. I've actually met every captain but didnt acquire this photo until my third encounter with a captain. Isn't it great to finally complete something like that! In my case I'd waited over 4 years to complete my Enterprise cast photo, although I'm sure many people have had to wait far longer to complete such a collection. Just got to get my DS9, TNG and VOY cast photos complete now...so plenty more events/conventions to go to yet!
  9. Nice! Do you know if they managed to auction the Enterprise scripts, if so any idea what they went for? Also curious to know whther the 'Enterprise wall fuse from suttle craft' & 'Star Trek Data Chip from Enterprise mission ops' (i guess they mean an isolinear chip?) were sold... Locutus
  10. I have taken a photo now but realise the forum has no facility for uploading files only tags for linked images, therefore I need to create a flickr or photobucket account which I'll try and do tomorrow... watch this space. Did anyone else manage to complete a cast photo at LFCC? Locutus
  11. I'd be very interested to hear from the successful bidders in todays auction. I did partake in a Collectormania auction a few years ago, was good fun. Some of the star trek props listed for this auction sound far more exciting though!
  12. What a fantastic website! Just spent the last 30mins working my way through it, still lots more to look at...
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