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  1. Sadly, I cannot afford the DP ticket for them. Otherwise, I’d gladly pay it to ensure they can obtain his autograph for me.
  2. The main one for me is Vinnie Jones (DP), so hopefully it will be ok. They’ve got early entry tickets so hope they grab a low number. I’m presuming a layout plan will be available in due course. Hopefully via this website. thanks for the info. Most appreciated
  3. Thanks for the response. pleased to hear it’s still the same process, as it will make life easy for me to explain to my mate who is attending for me. Thanks again
  4. Hi folks, I used to attend SM events years ago (used to attend the MK shopping centre and LFCC), and due to circumstances stopped collecting for quite a while. A couple of guests have perked my interest, but I cannot make the event so someone attending for me. As it’s been so long, I was wondering if the guest queuing system has changed? In the past you’d collect a numbered ticket from the guest signing queue, then when your number is up you join the queue (it would be grouped numbers 1- 50, 51-100 etc). Does it still work the same way, or is there a different process in place? Thanking you in advance
  5. @showmasters will you be providing a post-in service for Vinnie, as sadly I’m unable to attend (wanting a photo signed)? Thanking you in advance
  6. Lovely person to meet (and Banks). Can we have more 1966 guests please?
  7. Isn't Tyson banned from the country? No. He has done several tours in the last few years.He was still banned in December 2013 due to a change in law. Has it been lifted since?
  8. Isn't Tyson banned from the country?
  9. I would love to see someone get Bobby Charlton. I've heard he only does private signings (and the odd book launch). So perhaps a diamond deal where some of the proceeds go to charity? It would work perfectly with Geoff Hurst and co.
  10. Really nice bloke to meet. SM and whoever is involved with booking sports guests, can you do the impossible and get Bobby Charlton to join him please. I'd happily pay diamond package for him (Bobby).
  11. I would love to see Bobby Charlton at Autograhpica. It's the perfect venue and event for such a guest. I appreciate he's a rare signer but perhaps an arrangement could be made for a fund raiser for charity?
  12. Cheers for that guys. I'll order one from there (£78 with shipping). I'm looking to hang it on the wall next to the framed poster so it will be ideal.
  13. During LFCC understandably there was a hell of a lot of Hoverboards. Someone mentioned it to me that there was a store selling them - I couldn't find the store of love or money. Does anyone know the store? I've been looking to get one for ages to go with my display but they always seem to be very silly money. Thanking in advance
  14. Completely agree. I checked mine at 2:50 on the Sunday came out of the talk to be told by the person running the auction she'd bidded on it and beaten me by £1. I didn't even get to see the auction list and she had to ask me how much about it. 1. Silent bus is a silent bid - don't open it up 2. If you're running the silent bid you shouldn't be permitted to bid on the item. That's an unfair advantage. Especially given I had a lengthy chat with the person saying I'd check as I go into my talk so they knew I had no way to compete once I'd entered the talk. Not sour grapes for not winning. Just think it's an unfair advantage they have.
  15. I'm in the same predicament with my BTTF poster. I only want/need Crispin Glover and Thomas F. Wilson for me to call it complete. Crispin has signed in the US before so a maybe but Thomas I feel my chances aren't that great given he doesn't do conventions etc....
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