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  1. sammo-coo

    Parking at Olympia

    I'm paying the £26 to park next to the venue. I'm on quite a tight schedule for the day and by parking next to the venue will save me an hour each way on the tube
  2. I'm hoping to be parked up and in the queue by 8am
  3. sammo-coo

    What is everyone getting signed?

    At the moment - * Tom Skeritt on my Alien UK Quad poster * Bai Ling on my The Crow US one sheet poster * Michael Winslow on my Police Academy US one sheet poster * Adam Baldwin on my Serenity US one sheet poster I would also like to try and pick up a Dredd poster and get Urban to sign it, but I need to leave by 1pm as I'm a police officer and have a night shift on Saturday night so I don't think time will let me
  4. There's certainly some hype to live up to now SM! Fingers crossed I won't be left disappointed :)
  5. sammo-coo

    getting your auto certified

    COA's are worthless IMO, anyone can create a COA to 'prove' a signature is authentic. The best proof you can get is a picture of the person signing the item, can't get better proof than that :)
  6. sammo-coo

    Raising funds for Team Fox

    JUst had a look on the website and they look great! Any idea on price please?
  7. sammo-coo

    What are you getting signed?

    My list of bits I'm getting signed - * Ashley Laurence, Doug Bradley & Clive Barker on my original Hellraiser US one sheet poster * Christopher Lloyd & Lea Thompson on my original BTTF UK quad poster * Tom Sizemore on my original Lock Up Australian daybill poster * Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa on my original Showdown In Little Tokyo US one sheet poster * Corey Feldmen on my original The Lost Boys US one sheet poster Gonna be a busy day! Thank god my early bird tickets are already here!!
  8. sammo-coo

    Tube info

    Awesome, thanks
  9. sammo-coo

    Tube info

    I'm coming from Cockfosters on the Piccadilly line straight through to Earls Court. So if I'm reading that right, the planned engineering works won't effect my journey?
  10. My original 'Showdown In Little Tokyo' US one sheet poster arrived today all ready for Cary to sign
  11. I'm gonna be parking at Cockfosters tube station (less than £5 to park all day) and get the tube straight through to Earls Court. Plan to be in the queue by 8am at the latest
  12. sammo-coo

    guest day change - Elpidia Carrillo

    Such a nice woman, took time to talk and was very pleasant despite saying she was very tired. She also signed just her first name, so it seems that is the way she signs
  13. sammo-coo

    guest day change - Elpidia Carrillo

    Looks like I'll be coming tomorrow and Sunday then
  14. Superb guest!! Looks like it's time to go and buy an original Showdown In Little Tokyo poster then!!