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  1. Is it possible to buy tickets to tonights preview at the door or was it pre booked tickets only ?
  2. Dyson Ha Ha really? Aww that was the most handsome or prettiest (whichever is more suitable) giant lizardy thing I've seen :) x
  3. Didn't find out the actual name of it, but that big black and white lizard thing was very pretty :)
  4. I've put an 'attending', depending on where you end up heading... need to be back at hotel by 5/5:30... but have no where to put bags before then so erm might play it by ear xxx
  5. I'm thinking the 9am Alex photo's should have a theme... pyjama party theme? x
  6. Maybe the 'small' is a trick, it may be that Robert has shrunk 2 ft ? Ok clearly I'm kidding, but can we have Dakota please !
  7. Train from Birmingham New Street to Birmingham International takes about 10minutes and is about £2.30 :) You can get the free hilton shuttle bus to hotel or taxi if you don't want to wait around :)
  8. Ah Thank You :) Mum decided to go back up to London from Monday for the week so I'm now going to be going up Via London x Should probably book my trains now
  9. Exactly ^ Kristen was in London for the Baftas while ET3 was on, and I don't remember seeing her wandering around the Hilton lobby.... I newer saw her either and I KNOW I wasn't that drunk..lmao! Maybe she cosplayed as Alice?
  10. Thanks Rhianydd :) Ah that's ok :) Lol @ Phelps... in fairness he did walk in with his head down, and practically run out
  11. Before I fork out on trains which seem to have doubled/tripled in price since last week.... has anyone come across cheapo trains from Cardiff or anywhere along that line? £45 one way seems a bit steep to me!?
  12. I hadn't really thought about the little details As long as he's resident I can't say I care much
  13. I think Charlie should become like the Hillywood of ET cons :) A resident guest of the Eternal Twilight events ha <3
  14. Every event seems to follow the same pattern... exciting promises made, the more exciting the longer they take to confirm, attendees get stressed out waiting for news, event happens, everyone has an amazing time... repeat for each event. Since ET1 ME have followed through and given everyone an amazing line-up, they have never broken promises and have always had good guest backups to cover any guest changes. So for those who have attended before, surely you know the line up so far is fantastic and that your guaranteed a fun weekend :) For those who haven't attended an ME event before, I understand your worries... and that's where trust comes into play :) Trust us, you'll have an amazing weekend x
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