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  1. there are always a few little gems in them . last year Dean Stockwell auto was in mine!
  2. there is a stall that sell heavy duty plastic "sleeves" that you can put it in. i have to get one myself :)
  3. no you will not need a ticket.. JUST FLASH THE PASS! there are usually 3 rows of seating for pass holders and a great view of the stage when the talk is over they usually hand the prints (which are huge!) out as you are leaving the area. they did this for William Shatner last year and Scott Bakula the year before i think?? the question i ask Too Tall would it be more convieniant for gold pass members (who are going on the friday) to collect theirs when they arrive :)
  4. what about The Wombles??? ooh pretty please
  5. 2 of my friends from work are going just on my reconmendation (ooh the power!) i've sent a link to a very popular doctor who fan site about the tribute to Nick Courtney & Lis Sladen... so that should be a few more coming! i also know there are a few DW podcasters coming along (one person in paticular is getting very excited about it! ... hello Adam!!!!) facbooking and twittering like mad about the event and will keep doing so over the con weekend you keep booking 'em and i'll keep coming!
  6. just checked my iphone app... start at Euston ... (victoria line) ... change at Victoria ... (district line) ... arrive at West Brompton. it'll take approx 23mins and passing 9 stations along the way
  7. can we pick up the karen gillan print on the friday, usually there is a mad scramble for the prints when the talk is over (e.g. william shatner). and it would be easier to get signed ready for the saturday?
  8. a little fishing village just outside of london called wolverhampton :)
  9. do you think we can get him to do the "invisible" gun fight like in SPACED??? nice one!
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