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  1. Copy and paste the following with your info so we can get to know everyone planning on attending! Name: Age: Where are you from? Which of the 2 series do you watch? Ultimate guest you want for the event? What ticket will you get? Have you been to ME cons before? Previous cons: Fave movies: Fave music: Other interests:
  2. You wouldn't be alone if it was the dinner, remember there are two seats auctioned off and I believe one or two crew go along as well so there would be plenty of people to chat to before the actors arrive and put you at ease!
  3. I am sure it has been there for a while, but SJ must have forgotten to put it on forum
  4. I am sure that SJ has rushed to get the website live and will sort the 2011 date as soon as she finishes the many many many other things she is no doubt busy with.........
  5. As usual another briliant site
  6. I love that it keeps its classic style but looks real jazzed up now , well done SJ
  7. I agree about not wanting to start a rumour or be a naysayer, but based on the info above, I can confirm she's listed as being elsewhere the weekend of the Glasgow event. If a mod reads this, can you please flag this up the chain for SM to check into ? Her own web site shows Glasgow http://barbaranedeljakova.com/#/appearances/4546155554
  8. There must have been twin rooms released at con rate if anyone interested, as were available today
  9. I think you will find that photo area C had far less in numbers compared to photo area A , which is good for those getting photos but cant really be compared with the busier photo area A. It is good however for Giles to have such good comments for his work .
  10. And some guests! And now you do, and isnt it a good guest
  11. As already stated ............ entry is a meagre £5 and it is called a preview night . Can understand why some people may not want to pay on extra travel, but for those already in area, it should be a more relaxed atmosphere and worth a visit to see things , well thats how I read in to it.
  12. I just dont get why people still moan when they dont get a free posed photo with a guest at the table , when photoshoots available. I am sure in deciding which guests to approach SM have to work out how to recover costs and autographs alone wouldnt pay the bill for some of them.................................................... or thats how I see it anyway.
  13. Well anything that stops the cheaters is worth a try , and am sure if slight improvements can be made they will have learnt from its first use.
  14. Surely they will allow upgrades , in my opinion those having already purchased photo ops should not have to miss out on a unique opportunity.
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