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    Welcome To the Crewing Area

    comfty shoes you're likely to be on your feet most of the day. You will be provided with a crew top so maybe a long top for underneath (if the venue is chilly).
  2. Haha Talie. The end would just be 400+ crew laying in a pile. Too tired to move.
  3. amyxx

    Photographer names?

    Jenny should be Kellie I believe
  4. amyxx

    Question About Pen Colours

    People ask all the time, it's fine. Some also bring their own pens, maybe if you don't want to ask the guest ask the crew member sat with them?
  5. There's a great selection of the cast attending the premiere.... Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston, Idris Elba, Christopher Eccleston, Kat Dennings and Feige according to betheredcarpet
  6. The post doesn't say you have to buy the book to get one signed, so I assume you can bring your own copy from home....
  7. amyxx

    Party Themes Announced

    The Luck of the Irish theme.
  8. amyxx


    ah Sam, the other lady I wanted to track was the one with the lanyards, I want a Twilight one :)
  9. amyxx


    There were a few dealers in the room over the weekend, I was after some items from but due to time I was unable to go back and purchase. A lady gave me her card but I misplaced it. Does anyone know the dealer stall names? The only one I can remember is CW. Thanks 1. Canvas Warriors
  10. The blonde with Kevin Sorbo on Saturday. She took a great pic of me and him together.
  11. Sat or Sun? sat, you were a star the pic came out great I was Craig's assistant on Saturday. Glad you liked the picture.
  12. The signing was for those that went to the TV Panel talk, It was announced inside the talk before it began and a reminder was said at the end of it also.
  13. amyxx

    Breaking Dawn Premiere

    I was there! got there at like lunch time on the day though as i had tickets, that also got me a space on the red carpet. Didn't get to meet any of the main three as we had to be escorted to our steats in the cinema for the film and they we're running so far behind....
  14. amyxx

    Taylor Lautner

    I went to the premiere, it was insane, i just watched from afar as i had tickets, girls came straight from school, it was the smallest premiere i've ever attended. Everyone got water logged due to the showers that decided to start 30 minutes before the carpet opened. girls were crying as they were so drenched trying to save the posters that lined the carpet. I have some hilarious videos of girls hugging the posters to try and keep them dry. It didn't work.
  15. amyxx

    Photo thread

    just the one photo with Frances Barber as i was her Guest assistant today
  16. amyxx

    HUGE Guest Announcement Tonight at 7pm

    Dammit, i'm in a field tonight until monday...