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  1. Scott Bakula ... Quantum Leap & NCIS New Orleans
  2. My kids for me into the comic cons so they are always interested but everyone else is the eye roll , tut or " why do you bother " . My answer is I attend or crew for myself
  3. Omfg sitting watching Lucifer season 4 when this went up and my daughter shouted out mum you gotta get this one lol great guest showmaster
  4. Stan Lee was an amazing guest to crew for , as I was one of the crew that was with him for 3 day . My heart goes out to his family and friends RIP Stan Lee a legend
  5. A big Thank You to everyone who attended , without you many of us would not have had such fun interacting with you while you was in our ques . You was amazing ,looked stunning and was always polite . I had the most fun 3 day in a long time so Thank You again .. Hope to see you all again next year lol
  6. Should be ok for me , I'm coming in from east London .. yep I'm turning up ya lovely people xxxx
  7. Norman Reedus Please ( well he was here last time Momoa was in 2013 , soooo it just makes sense to get him here to lol )
  8. I'm pleased to say me health has got alot better this year :) I'm back under the hospital and I'm now 10 years clear of cancer .. things are looking up for me I guess
  9. I said it before and I'll say it again Emilia Clarke ( she made that heart look delicious in Game Of Thrones *gags * )
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