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  1. Naoko Mori Jorge Garcia Greg grunberg Kirsten bell Zachary quinti Ali larter Masi oka Eric roberts Robert forster Dana Davis Josh holloway Michael Emerson Naveen Andrews Terry o'quinn Elizabeth Mitchell.
  2. Just thought seem as you had Mark Lewis Jones. :-D.
  3. I really would like to meet him. He's in Games of Thrones (Alliser Thorne). Sky 1 Stella. ( Di ). Doctor Who ( Maldak ).
  4. Anyone Watch HollyWood Treasure on Sky ?. The Auction Programme that sell's Movie/Sci-fi related stuff. I really would like to meet all of them but I saw a one of the episodes and Jonathan Mankuta was in Lost I really would like to meet him.
  5. As there are no resident passes this time around. Will you be doing a party this year? and can people that live locally come like me that lives 5 minutes away as I missed out last year as it was only for those staying in the hotel. Cos we had friend's staying in the Travel Lodge MK and wanted to go to the party too but couldn't.
  6. He plays Rob Morgan in Stella. Please have Pics from this programme as I am a big fan.
  7. Hi purchased entry tickets and stuff for matt smith. We live in Milton Keynes now in Leadenhall by the MK College and was wondering if it would make it easier for you to deliver our tickets to our door.
  8. so to understand this all if i buy the pre paid autograph. Do i need a VQ ticket as well and can i get it signed on my own personal item or if i buy the pre paid do i have to have what SM give me ?.
  9. I would like 2 party tickets as well Me and Stevie79 have in the last two weeks moved into an Apartment in Milton Keynes and can walk to th MK Ground for the Party. So no need to book a hotel.
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