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  1. kirstyrawr

    Latest Guest Announcement - BURN GORMAN

    It was so good to finally meet him :) he's lovely.
  2. kirstyrawr

    I'm going! Who else is?

    Cool. U in Glasgow and if your first time? Have u been to any other showmasters events? Yeahh. Just Hub 7 & 8 :)
  3. kirstyrawr

    I'm going! Who else is?

    My first time too :)
  4. kirstyrawr

    Latest guest announcement - EVE MYLES

    This has actually made my day haha :)
  5. kirstyrawr

    Latest guest announcement - EVE MYLES

  6. kirstyrawr

    Guest Suggestions

    Burn Gorman :)
  7. kirstyrawr

    Torchwood tour on Sat night

    amazing! :)
  8. kirstyrawr

    Eve Myles

    would be amazing if Eve did it. she's amazing and soso lovely.
  9. kirstyrawr

    Latest Guest Announcement - KIOWA GORDON

    really hope I can go 'cos I'd love to meet him!
  10. kirstyrawr

    Guest suggestions

    Totally agree with you and would like to see Garth David Lloyd Naoko Mori Kai Owen and Tom Price yeah! :)
  11. kirstyrawr

    Guest suggestions

    Burn Gorman!
  12. kirstyrawr

    Thank You

    I had the best weekend! Was so gutted when it was all over. I'm so glad I managed to go at the last minute, was so worth it :)
  13. kirstyrawr

    This will be the last Hub convention

    I wish I could transfer my ticket to you, Ive bought a Silver ticket but probably wont be going....I could of sold it to you for half price or even GIVEN it to you if it meant it got used! Ahh, that would of been amazing