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  1. *Liz*

    Anyone going solo?

    I'll also be at the bar from 5pm onwards if folk want to chat/hang out! Just look for a tall blonde haired girl in a sparkly blue top and jeans :)
  2. *Liz*

    Anyone going solo?

    I'm also attending this convention alone and don't know anyone. Would be great to meet lots of people especially Alexis fans! I look forward to tomorrow!
  3. *Liz*

    Kudos to Peter!

    I haven't seen nasty tweets so far but I think things were said on some FB pages and directly to him on the Sunday. Heard a rumour that someone walked right up to him at the signing and said 'So tell me about your divorce'. WHY?! I think it is disgusting that anyone could have done that. It's incredibly disrespectful and nasty.
  4. *Liz*

    Kudos to Peter!

    Peter is absolutely amazing. Really I can't put into words just how incredible he is and was this weekend. He was beyond tired but still made time for everyone and carried on like a trooper. He is someone I have so much respect for.
  5. *Liz*


    Thanks David :-) Looking forward to meeting folk there
  6. *Liz*


    Thanks guys for the info :) I'm also a newbie so it's good to have the advice. Definitely going to the auction :-)
  7. *Liz*

    Eternal Twilight 8 - Schedule

    Wow, love the idea of a group photo!! This looks great and well organized! Cannot wait.
  8. *Liz*


    Hi I'm Liz and I'm also a newbie to both the forum and to cons :) I'm going to ET8 in a few days and I'm so excited about it! I love all things Twilight and have a particular love for Peter Facinelli/Carlisle Cullen! I also love Doctor Who and will hopefully do a DW con at some point too! x
  9. *Liz*

    Latest Guest Announcement - PETER FACINELLI

    Peter is absolutely awesome. Love him to bits. I've not met him before but what a top guy to make the effort. Great that you guys have moved the Gold pass drinks reception to Sat. So pleased for those guys who have Gold passes!
  10. I was struggling with this theme myself. I may just wear a nice dress or top/jeans for this one. Looking forward to seeing the many different costumes though!
  11. *Liz*

    HELP newbie.

    Hi, I'm also new to the forum and to Eternal Twilight :) I'm going to the con by myself but am meeting folk from twitter etc while there and I hope to get to know you guys too :) I'm really looking forward to meeting Peter Facinelli, Daniel Cudmore and Gil Birmingham :)