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  1. There is not a contact number for queries relating to orders placed via the online shop. The only method of direct contact is via the e-mail address info@collectormania.com While there is a contact number for the SM office, 01908 671138 , they may not be able to help you as the person who deals with the orders is not based there. E-mailing is probably the best, and quickest, way to get it resolved. Yes as mentioned I've already emailed twice with no reply to the email you provided.
  2. Hi. Is there a showmasters hotline number? I emailed in twice about purchasing two Brian blessed photo sessions. 1 arrived, 1 was refunded without contacting but the one I was charged with was for £20. I just really want my second ticket as its a gift and the other refund.
  3. I got my first ever #1 ticket today in the mail for Brian Blessed! Sadly I ordered 2 and the other one wasn't sent. Emailed in and hope they get back to me.. Nothing says family photo like your husband and Mr Blessed.
  4. One chap on the facebook event RVSP is bringing his boys. Because things kick off early I'm sure if you wanted to bring them in it would be fine, the pub serves food. Will see if they have a kids menu.
  5. Will try to keep everyone quite well informed as the months go by. I will be there at 4pm for dinner for those that are hungry
  6. Sorry im unfamiliar with these, is 16 too young? Not too young to attend if thats what you are asking. This mainly references drinking laws most people who come to a pub/are bringing their kids or not old enough to drink knows the drinking age. If you are travelling from overseas just make sure you are up to date with the UK laws
  7. Hi LFCCers! Hope you can join us for a drink Saturday evening after LFCC! The pubs is a 2 minute walk away and we are a very friendly bunch. I've teamed up with a few LFCC veterans looking to meet and greet other attendees and chat about how awesome the Con is. Heres the info! Date and Time: Saturday, July 7th 2012 4pm - til 10pm Venue: The Hand and Flower 1 Hammersmith Road, Hammersmith, London, W14 8XJ. [map] How to find is: LFCC sign! Additional info: I'm Colleen, hosting this event. I have organized quite a few pub meets in my day and generally I like to think of myself as a friendly person. Some groups will be joining us; LFFC vets, groups travelling down together, but regardless of this, stick with me, say hello and I will introduce you around. Normal pub rules apply on age. Quite a few are coming at start time for food and the menu includes the usual grub as well as vegan/veggie options. Look forward to having some volunteers and forum mods join us as well. Thanks for all the hard work guys! Facebook event to see and meet the other attendees: Pub Meet Facebook Event.
  8. Starting small but sooooo happy Jewel Staite #32
  9. In a couple weeks I will make a thread with info and venue hopefully some of those hard working volunteers will pop out too :)
  10. Thanks! I just got my tickets today and was going to add that in the reply here. Okay thinking cap is on. Look for a post in the new few weeks with a Saturday post-LFCC pub meet/meal planned. Will put the event on FC too so its easy to track. Thanks for the help guys and keep the suggestions coming, also if anyone would like to help let me know.
  11. Its okay Ive organized pub things for gaming companies before so going to have a hardly crack at it. Going to contact LFCC and see what time the Con ends on a saturday night and go from there. Didnt want to step on anyones toes before organizing one. Keep your eyes peeled. Hey Yellow will keep you posted! A Con breakfast meet would be a hoot. Will chat to you when I get some info together about the Saturday Evening shin dig
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