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  1. Great guest, hopefully there will be a Vicious cast shot 8x10 that includes everybody, Ian, Derek, Frances, Iwan, Marcia and Phillip. Be a shame to miss the latter two off, especially as Marcia stole the show a lot.
  2. Excellent guest! Now fingers are crossed for Ian McKellen, Frances De La Tour and Iwan Rheon so I can get the entire cast shot of Vicious signed
  3. Just for clarification, Marc Warren, Saturday or Sunday? In his guest announcement it says Saturday, but here it says Sunday.
  4. Rutger Hauer (Flesh+Blood, Buffy) James Frain (Tudors) Sean Maher (Firefly/Serenity)
  5. it was Band Candy for Tony and Robin and it was hilarious!
  6. I, too, enjoy the live commentaries, and would suggest possibly 'Intervention' for Clare and Troy, 'Prophecy Girl' or 'The Wish' for Mark Metcalf, the Angel ep 'I Fall To Pieces' for Andy Umberger, and of course it would have to be 'Superstar' for Danny Strong.
  7. Roon

    Movies of 2013

    only been to cinema 3 times this year that I can recall. I watched; 1) Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones 2) Thor 2: The Dark World 3) Doctor Who: The Day Of The Doctor (not technically a movie, I know)
  8. this would be cool, street fighter was the first video game I owned as it came with my SNES
  9. would love a dr horrible screening, brilliant! and also suggest if an ep of buffy or angel gets aired then I loved the live commentary a couple of years back with Tony Head and Robin Sachs over the ep 'band Candy', thus would plug for another one like that with relation to one of the guests and/or writers
  10. well I've been bugging Jason for a while to bring me merlin guests, and, a big thank you to him for listening! don't think though, that i'm gonna stop now Jason, i'm going for the 'Andy Dufresne' approach! Rupert, Eoin and Tom, down, Alex, soon. woo! the boys were lovely and great to talk to. And got the rare but brilliant 'camera malfunction' moment this year with Tom! so nice chat in photoshoot as well
  11. Yes, he is still going. The list wasn't updated in quite a while. A lot of the guests announced since then are missing. Excellent! was slightly concerned me own self. Also lovin' the name 'mrsmikaelson'. which original is it that you're married to then? I'd probably pick Klaus!
  12. it would be interesting, though not all of us who want to meet him are doing it for GOT
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