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  1. Greatscott17

    Fandom List

    I would add “Kevin Sussman” (Stuart) for your “The Big Bang Theory” list!
  2. Greatscott17

    Tv and movie guest suggestions

    I met Christopher Lloyd, Tom Wilson and Claudia Wells and recently the cast of Money Heist (La Casa de Papel) I’m Italian and this year (in July) it will be the first time with Showmaster at the LFCC Olympia!
  3. Greatscott17

    Tv and movie guest suggestions

    Wow! You’re lucky! :) In 2016 I didn’t have the chance to come to London...This year I hope to have a chance!! *_*
  4. Greatscott17

    Guest Suggestions

    I know I'm repetitive, but I'd love to see my Richard Dean Anderson! I don’t pretend much! I need little to be satified! X)
  5. Greatscott17

    Tv and movie guest suggestions

    I thought I was the only one to want Richard Dean Anderson... Fortunately I was wrong!! <3
  6. Greatscott17

    Guest Suggestions

    OMG! I love these guests!! *_*
  7. Greatscott17

    Guest Suggestions

    Richard Dean Anderson!! I would like to meet him too!
  8. Greatscott17

    LFCC 2019

    @Queen_Sindel I have never used forums before (except this one) because I had read that you had to subscribe to this forum to suggest guests for the lfcc. I understood now that you can publish suggestions in the same post, without opening other similar ones. I didn’t know that the same post returned to the top. I'm sorry! I had trouble understanding some terms in English to understand the meaning of the explanation Regarding the penalty for the last post, I didn’t know that this violated the rules, otherwise I wouldn’t have written! What happens with a penalty?!
  9. Greatscott17

    LFCC 2019

    @Queen_Sindel Hi Why did I receive a penalty? I don’t think I have offended anyone. I only expressed my opinion on this I'm sorry if I offended someone with my opinion, but it was not a my negative intention!
  10. Greatscott17

    Tv and movie guest suggestions

    Guests for LFCC 19
  11. Greatscott17

    LFCC 2019

    @Queen_Sindel Don’t worry! Ah ok ok, now I understand, but how do you publish the same topics? Plesse explain to me! Thank you!
  12. Greatscott17

    LFCC 2019

    Hi! @maxcat Sorry I don’t understand your answer very well, because I’m Italian, but I published this topic, also in the “guests suggestion” section. It’s ok?
  13. Greatscott17

    LFCC 2019

    The Big Bang Theory cast Back to the Future cast Money Heist cast Happy Days cast Home Alone cast Ghostbusters (1984) cast MacGyver
  14. Greatscott17

    Tv and movie guest suggestions

    Back to the future (cast) The Big Bang Theory (cast) Money Heist (cast) MacGyver (cast) Ghostbusters 84 (cast) Home Alone (cast) La Casa De Papel (cast) Happy Days (cast) The Fresh Prince of Bel Air (cast) The Never Ending story 84 (cast) The Goldbergs (cast)