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  1. Great pics! What Tshirt is peter Serafinowicz wearing out of interest?
  2. Sorry if id said something wrong, new to the forum and still learning the rules.
  3. Omg Matthew Lillard made my day! Had a photo with him on saturday which was running VERY behind schedule. Id had a bad afternoon and by this point i was close to giving up and going home. But i stayed and went in and i think he could tell how i was feeling as he said"fu!!ing hug me" and gave me the tightest hug ever. Really made my day! What a lovely bloke!
  4. Wow sounds like you had a really amazing day! Wish i had got to meet Tom Ellis! I had a mixed bag this year.. I started the day with Rey mysterio, i was getting his autograph for a friends son who could not attend due to his disability. He had a sign up saying "no photos" but when i explained who the auto was for he happily let me take some photos of him signing to show the little boy. Im not a wrestling fan myself but he was a true gentleman. Next up was devon Murray, who was lovely and very kind to my daughter who is autistic and was very shy. Then it was Robert Patrick, he t
  5. Haha im glad im not the only one! Lol im certainly going to try! You should go for it too!
  6. I literally just wrote up my schedule LOL will these stay the same now please?
  7. Thanks everyone for your replies! As he sounds quite fun and easy going im tempted to let him take the lead with what pose we do.
  8. Thats a fair point, hadnt thought of that!
  9. Thats so reassuring! Thank you! He sounds like great fun!
  10. Thats a good idea, thank you! Im super nervous, which i havnt been before with any other guest!
  11. Sorry if this has already been asked, but i have a dilemma and while im not a con newbie im hoping some of the more confident attendees can help me... How do you go about asking a guest to do a pose for a photo? I always feel like you dont have much time during a photo op and i know that ill feel hurried and bumble over my words and probably make a huge fool of myself. Obviously something i dont want to do! So my husband and i have a running joke about me meeting jason moma and how "ill run off with him" LOL so i thought it would be funny to do a pose with maybe one hand on his ches
  12. Oh i will most definitely be like that! Lol
  13. What a lovely story! Im getting an autograph for my friends son as he cant attend due to severe autism and cerebral palsy and its his birthday the week after lfcc. I have been contemplating asking for a a happy birthday video as it would make his dreams come true,but didnt want to be cheeky! So good to read that others have asked similar and been successful!
  14. Im really hoping that with linda Hamilton on board they will pull it out the bag. I liked genesys as as a sequal but 3 and4 were naff. I actually prefer 2 to the original !!
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