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  1. CookieS

    Entry points and pass collection

    Sorry if this sounds dumb... we will be needing to collect an access pass for my daughter, do we queue in the main queue first for her pass or collect it somewhere else and then skip the main big queue? Help much appreciated thank you
  2. CookieS

    BTVS Fans!!

    I did not know this, whoops! Duly noted!
  3. CookieS

    BTVS Fans!!

    Hi Daniel ! Nice to meet a fellow scooby! What Buffy events have you been to? Ive seen a few online but never actually been to a specific buffy con(although it is on my to do list!) Im a late starter to the con scene and didnt attend my 1st till 2017! It was a revelation! Totally hooked now and trying to get as many Buffy autos/photo ops as poss!
  4. CookieS

    Guest Suggestions

    Buffy guests pllllleasssee!!!
  5. CookieS

    Fave Person you have meet

    Good list!! Ive met... Alyson hannigan Tony head Juliet landau Claire Kramer Marc blucas Hoping to get more this year though!!!
  6. CookieS

    BTVS Fans!!

    Thank you! I will have a look :)
  7. CookieS

    Tv and movie guest suggestions

    Omg its old Twitter guy! Hellloooo!
  8. CookieS

    BTVS Fans!!

    Hey all, This is my first time using the forum, so apologies if this doesnt work! I am hoping to meet some other Buffy fans! We seem to be a rare breed these days ! Ive met the odd fan at various cons (Vampire willow if youre on this hello ) but would love to actually make a few like minded friends! The only people i know who like Buffy,like it because i introduced them, so would love a few hardcore fans who i can proper geek out with! Thanks all! Oh & fingers crossed for a buffy guest announcement