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  1. Sunday

    can a unused saturday entry ticket for this year be used for entry on a sunday this year? thanks
  2. Guest Days & Prices LFCC 2018

    hi ive bought 2 saturday tickets but need to attend on sunday instead so can i use the same tickets or do i need to get them transferred to sunday tickets? thanks
  3. most excellent guest sm very good work once again ;-)
  4. can he come to london too please thanks
  5. Humongous Guest Announcement Thursday

    Kjell Nilsson aka "The Humungus" from mad max ;-) what do i win if im right?
  6. Latest Guest Announcement - LITA

    LEGEND!! And very cool person.
  7. very glad to see him on the guest list nice work sm
  8. Dave Prowse Empire Day

    Thanks QS im now able to attend
  9. Dave Prowse Empire Day

    will there be a preorder service for send in items for those who cant attend? cheers
  10. any chance of getting sherry jackson over for the original series fans getting a double photo with William shatner and sherry would be very good indeed
  11. great that hes coming and anthony forrest is coming just need koo stark & or mark hamil (who is doing events this year) to knock the ball out of the park ;-)
  12. Tv and movie guest suggestions

    How about some 1st timers Mr t Dwight schultz Peter capaldi Lee majors and six million dollar man cast Marvin hagler Roy jones jr Felix silla The cast of flash and supergirl Cast of ashes to Ashes Koo stark Mark hamill Cheers