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  1. hulk2099

    Latest Guest Announcement - EDDIE MARSAN

    Brilliant ever since he was in game on
  2. hulk2099

    Nichelle Nichols

    I spoke to a steward in a red t-shirt at the tickets and info tables. To be honest she sent really know what was happening and had to ask her guvnor.ive learned that certain packages are just not for me at the end of the day.just got to swallow the loss and move on.its not the 1st time I've lost out at a event.i should know better lol.
  3. hulk2099

    Nichelle Nichols

    I would of happily taken another guest in the place of nichelle on Saturday which I explained to the staff at the event but they would not have it and told to email the event organisers for a refund which I knew I had little or no chance of getting. They even turned away a poor guy who had paid for a autograph for a guest and then he realised the guest was on his lanyard as a free autograph. Handled very badly by the people on the day. But they already got my money I suppose so hey ho.
  4. hulk2099

    Nichelle Nichols

    can anything be done for the people who paid to have her autograph yesterday and are not there today? i.e pass holders? also glad to hear shes feeling better :-) cheers
  5. hulk2099

    Commander Package Autograph Allocation

    i think those who got jeri had a good allocation as she is a rare guest,i would have been happy too if id got her too,no such luck though lol
  6. hulk2099

    Commander Package Autograph Allocation

    sorry to moan again but both my allocated guests combined!! just add up to the cost of a captain how can that be right with the amount thats been paid for the ticket captains start at £55 so how can a guest at £35 be similar. i bought my ticket purely for the autographs benefits as i wont be attending the talks,parties screenings. so its disappointing
  7. hulk2099

    Commander Package Autograph Allocation

    Hi sorry I thought this thread was for commander badge purchasers which is why i jumped on it. Have their been and prices for guests announced yet? Sadly I think I've bought this commander badge and its giving me autographs for guests I don't wantoh well. I was expecting at least one captain autograph too. Never mind.
  8. hulk2099

    Commander Package Autograph Allocation

    hi ive also got a few questions as ive been allocated 2 guests that ive met previously and dont need autograph wise (Gates McFaddom & Nichelle Nichols if anyone would like to swap guest please pm me ) 1 x Standard Green Screen Photo Opportunity (ticket holder only - no guest)1 x Standard Bridge Photo Opportunity (ticket holder only - no guest)5 x Individual in-person guest autographs ** so do we choose the green screen ourselves? do we choose the bridge photo ourselves? and can we choose any 5 guests ourselves? cheers
  9. hulk2099

    Question about Lieutenant package

    oes this package give you access to ques without a virtual que ticket?
  10. hulk2099


    does a lieutenant pass allow autograph que jumping too?
  11. hulk2099


    7 doctors at one event? That's very impressive sm.
  12. hulk2099

    Guest Days & Prices LFCC 2018

    hi can i use my Saturday ticket to enter on Sunday by any chance please? as i cant attend on Saturday now but i can on Sunday thanks
  13. hulk2099

    Queuing area

    thanks for the info guys