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  1. cool guest if dickey beer could join him it would be a fantastic photo op
  2. a lovley person to meet top guest more buffy and angel guests please
  3. thanks send ins are now available whoo hoo
  4. Hi Will there be pre order send ins for the event in Birmingham this year for those who can't attend? Cheers
  5. from the guests ive met all have been very friendly and great to meet, Bret hart, British bulldog davey boy smith (RIP) ,Rick flair,Kevin nash, Scott hall, Rob van damme, Hulk hogan, Hurrincane helms, The dudley boys, Diamond dallas page, Tatanka,Jimmy hart, Hacksaw Jim duggan,lita,undertaker,jesse ventura,virgil,ted dibase,eric bishoff,jimmy hart,shelton benjamin,the nasy boys, odb,Gail kim,Billy gunn, Shelton benjamin All very nice people willing to chat and have a laugh
  6. I was told it allows you to join the que behind the diamond pass holders and found it to be good for diamond guests who didnt have huge lines of people and I was able to join in the back of the line without a virtual ticket in front of those who had a virtual ticket. Was I just lucky?
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