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  1. With the rate of my items not being returned I think that's a wise choice sadly I don't know what is going on at @Showmasters with the loss of items
  2. is anyone else still waiting for their send in item back for this guest who didn't make the event and hasn't appeared at any later events or is it just me? cant seem to get a reply for where my item is either for some reason
  3. hi i noticed he's not in the pre order section for send in items, is that a mistake?
  4. hi showmasters any chance of getting my Aaron paul,David Ramsey send ins items back please thanks
  5. im also waiting for multiple items to come back to me from pre orders from LFCC Summer 2021 and the elusive BTTF merch sent over a year ago, ive had one item back unsigned and the guess was at the event, no refund as yet though. i dont know whats happen to showmasters i hope they sort it out soon
  6. Hi sad news about the cancellations hopefully the guest will do future shows, will pre order send ins be refunded for aron paul and clark gregg now? thanks
  7. i had the same problem at the Birmingham event and got no replacement sadly, hopefully that wont be the case this year
  8. hi is George in the lfcc pre order section i cant see him in the send in list.
  9. im in two minds weather to get a Commander Package ticket again after the lst time left a bitter taste as my tier one guest never showed up and i wasnt given a refund or another guest to see at the event.(staff weren't very helpful on the day) so £300 spent on a ticket but no top guest meeting or autograph having travelled all the way to birmingham. will this be the same at this event i wonder as guest can get ill as was the case at the last event.
  10. Anyone else unable to pay at checkout for send in service? been trying since yesterday and keep getting a error about my checkout basket
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