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  1. I can't see Megan Fox & Bumblebee on Sunday either.
  2. Yeah it's the Iron Throne only prop shoots from Sunday that are lightbox only with no buy option.
  3. The Iron Throne on Sunday haven't been fixed and are still lightbox only with no buy option.
  4. Are there going to be any more Saturday standard entry tickets going onto the Eventbrite website as it's currently saying sold out?
  5. I remember a few years back on the Friday 3hr preview for LFCC when they weren't doing VQ tickets for guests. It was a complete nightmare and it was a fraction of busy compared to now. It would take ages to see each guest joining the back of an overlong queue. I would like to see more VQ tickets given out for guests not less. There were a number of BTTF guests (and others for that matter) not on VQs yet had very long queues everyday they were there at LFCC last weekend.
  6. Big thanks to Julie the Pitt boss in photo shoot B on Saturday. She literally saved my life with photo shoot clashes. I don't know how I'd have made all my photo shoots without her help!
  7. Apologies if this has been mentioned elsewhere before. I've ordered the Diamond Pass with the 1 auto but are you able to buy other autos separately? If you are able to buy extra autos does that mean you can only use them with the Diamond Pass included one or on seperately days over the con?
  8. Just want to check with this £2.50 order is this per show or for everytime you order a separate photo shoot ticket. So if guest X is announced who you know will sell out quickly so you buy their photo shoot ticket and pay £2.50 charge do you then pay it again a month later for Guest Y for the same event or is it a one off charge? As if it's not a one off charge it will really push the costs up especially as Showmasters events are getting greater guests and far more popular overseas.
  9. I love Collectormania in Milton Keynes and have been to everyone for over 9 years now. However there is nobody I want to see at this one. I've met Amanda Tapping before and for it to be worthwhile travelling up from Kent I would need 2/3 guests. Therefore sadly for the first time unless some new and exciting names are announced in the next few weeks I won't be attending.
  10. I wasn't happy with either the DS9 group photo shoot or the David Hasselhoff with KITT shoot. The DS9 photo shoot looked very dark and several of the cast were not being hit by the flash. When I asked about it was told they are all dark like that. The same with the Hoff and KITT shoot it was in a black car with David wearing a black t-shirt with no light on the background and all the photos looked really dark. It's a shame as otherwise these would have been really nice photo shoots.
  11. I didn't even get a pen or a coaster I could have used those! Just a badge, poster and some leaflets. I had no way of carrying the poster without it getting damaged which was a shame! Wasn't impressed with the goody bag unfortunately!
  12. What size Edding 751 pens do you use? I notice on Amazon there are 1-2mm and 2-4mm.
  13. I would be prepared to pay these prices for all the guests except Zachary Quinto. I would though at these prices expect the guests to be personalising like with Christopher Lambert. Whilst I would like to meet Zachary I think that price is far too high for someone who is known from Heroes and just one Star Trek film, especially when someone like Sean Bean is virtually half the price and a far bigger name. Keep trying to get the bigger guests though Showmasters, meeting Christopher Lambert at LFCC was soooo cool!
  14. I would really love to get the original JPEG file and would be happy to pay for it! Not sure the best way to implement it though.
  15. I really enjoyed it! It was great to browse the stalls especially when it wasn't crowded. I did feel the guests should have been on VQ tickets as it was very slow seeing them and I nearly missed the free guests because of how long it took to see everyone.
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