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  1. Some realistic guests from 3 films that I know of celebrating the big 30 next year... Cocktail (Elisabeth Shue) Beetlejuice (Winona Ryder) Willow (Warwick Davis)
  2. She was great. Mistaken my scouse accent with NI at first which was the ice breaker. Should of really gotten a 8x10 aswell thinking back, loving the one you've shown here Marie-Loup
  3. Gary Kurtz please. Gutted he cancelled this year as I ordered a lovely print of him and Carrie to be signed off eBay (came all the way from Dallas). So ye, Mr. Kurtz.
  4. Thanks for the poster help guys. @PAB1980 Your BTTF poster is absolute fire by the way, beautiful!!
  5. I see a lot with some amazing posters. Has anyone ever faced a little damage to theirs? Mine unfortunately fell out of it's tube on the Saturday, resulting in a few creases around the edges. No matter what people say, "you can't really see them" we all know that doesn't matter, we know they're there - right? Someone suggested 'ironing' them out? Terrifies me that.
  6. It was brilliant mate. I don't think the wife would have been to enthusiastic had I brought that one home to sit in the living room.
  7. Seen that stall pal, the Spike [Gremlin] dressed as Freddy Kruger was brilliant. Some big price tags on show
  8. Ahhh, cool! Ye, I think that was them. Vaguely remember that name now. Thank buddy, I'll give them a follow on Twitter to see when they're next around.
  9. Fantastic! Thanks for that's Matt. Ye, it all got a bit manic for me towards the end and completely ran out of time. Much appreciate the reply mate, glad you found them.
  10. Ahh, I don't think they were buddy. If I can remember correctly, they were probably about 12 x 16? Really cool looking posters. Had every intention of getting there towards the end of the day but the Alan Tudyk queue had something to say about it. Thanks tho my man, I'll get there in the end.
  11. Guys, there was a stall which sold really great looking film/TV art. Very quirky, vintage drawings of Stranger Things, The Walking Dead, Star Wars, Jurassic Park... literally all kinds. Apologies for my lack of info', but they had the date they were released on, also the name of their writer/creator [although not quite sure on that one] They were £10 each, or 5 for £30? Not much to work off I know, sorry. Anyone see these? Even better, did anyone note down their website which was on show?
  12. Thanks man. It was in the wars on Saturday to be honest mate, currently looking for somewhere to get some big creases out of it. Don't want to try the old iron trick, but if anyone's got any tips etc. please feel free to help a brother out. Somehow, it slipped out of its tube and onto the floor...
  13. Big thanks to the guys at SM for a great weekend. Only guest on my list who I didn't get to see on Saturday was Ian McDiarmid. His VQ said 1-60 pretty much the duration of the day... no idea why.
  14. He 100% wasn't there yesterday. I got told he was running late, then when I checked later on, his poster had been pulled fown from his autograph table. No-one could give me any information tho. Richard Franklin I think also cancelled? Again, no-one could give me any info', but he wasn't to be seen.
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