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  1. Thanks for replying so quick. It's just what I was looking for. Love x
  2. Hi guys Mom wants me to get a taxi from Euston to the Olympia on Friday afternoon and was wondering if anyone wanted to share. Bestest Samantha
  3. Hi I'm coming from Wolverhampton to Euston on the Friday and was wondering if anyone could help in the best way to get from Euston to the venue. Also if anyone wants to meet up. Thanks in advance...
  4. Something that strikes me when I read through these posts at how bad this was and how badly run or bad staff or any other thing they can moan about. Maybe I'm missing the point somewhere and missed the point where people were dragged there kicking and screaming and/or forced to being there. If you (the general public) aren't happy with anything just dont go. Yes it is, and can be a lot of money but again you're not forced to spend your money and also without fans contributing to the cost of these cons they just wouldn't happen. I'm sure it would probably shock you if you actually knew how much it is to just bring just one actor over, not the 100+ guests we have. You don't just have their fees, theres also hotels, transport, flights to name just a few things. Then you've got all the man hours it takes including hiring the building, tech crew, right down to hiring the chairs/stage... Don't get me wrong it's your human right to moan or criticise but be a little more thoughtful to the people who put all this on for everyones enjoyment. Constructive criticism isn't a bad thing sometimes, I understand that, it just irritates me somewhat when reading some of these posts. After all there's not many places in this country you could meet as many of your 'heroes' Does anyone agree with me or am I missing the point?
  5. One of my favourites this year was from William Forsyth when I went to get his autograph at a time when he was just sitting around and showed him some of the pics I'd taken when I was out there. (he was amazed that I'd done them) anyway he wrote 'So happy not to spend a night on there with you, love and hugs. We stood for ages chatting about The Rock stuff telling me what happened here and there with different actors during filming and that they had the premiere actually on there in the library. A true gent. Hard to think that that film is 20 years old next year...jeez...
  6. Personally I think that it's up to the person what they want to wear at their own peril. Anyone who wants to do a con in high heels I take my hat off to them because they can't be the easiest to spend all day on.. .. or the most comfiest...
  7. They were definitely being sold on Saturday as I was helping sell them at the Organisers Desk. NB. You weren't being forced to buy one, you weren't being dragged there in handcuffs to make you buy one so why complain, and you could flick through one to see what was inside before you bought one. To be honest, in my opinion, they were very good quality and very thick with quite a few pages of 6 pages of Wes Craven (Freddie), 2 pages of Man from UNCLE, loads about Slasher movies, 7 pages of BACK TO THE FUTURE which included big pictures from the film inc a bit called Marty the Martyr, 8 pages of Kevin Eastman, 11 pages on The Terminator (including all about they history of), 5 pages of Scream Queens and 4 of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles... .... all with amazing, high quality pics in them (plus a whole lot of other stuff to boot) I'm looking at my copy (which I paid for too) in front of me.
  8. Like I said, I can't speak about what happened on other days, only on Sunday when I was on. Maybe Sunday we were more vigilant, I really don't know and so I'm not at liberty to comment on.
  9. They'd still have had to check them when they came inside to make sure they'd been scanned, if you think about it. Also there wouldn't be enough space for 100's and they don't have that many volunteers to spare. Anyway, I'm not here to argue etc, I just wanted to make the response in defence of LFCC.
  10. I rarely post but I felt I had to put this.. where a lot of the comments I can't/won't address I thought I would say this. In comment : Quote 3. Address venue entrance security. Particularly later in the day(s), I'm 100% sure that all people weren't being screened as they entered the venue. Consequently, I'm certain that many who hadn't even bought a ticket were able to just walk in, and wouldn't have been factored into SM's calculations for venue capacity etc. This only compounded the issues. Also in the previous post 1) Queue to get in. There needs to be 100s of people walking down the queue scanning tickets and then stamping hands. This can be started before the doors open, and then everyone just files in! No big queues at beg of day and everyone is happy about starting their day as quickly as possible. Well I was on the door on Sunday and everyone who came through the front door was scanned before they could come in. Even people who turned up at 5pm or 6 or even 30 mins to the end was scanned. Also anyone leaving to come back in was stamped and we let no one in who hadn't been, regardless. There were a few people who came to try and sneak in and were always turned away. We also had main security on the doors with us too. Also please remember that when we first open the doors it's like being at a football match for example when people are pushing and shoving us (I've lost count of all the bruises from impatient attendees trying to push through) Right or wrong, whichever/whatever your thoughts are, a little more thought should be taken towards crew, we are after all only human. Oh nearly forgot... Also the bit about it going towards her salary. We're volunteers, so your money doesn't go towards paying our salary, and to put these on we're there usually, at least an hour and a half before it starts. We don't make you stand there in the rain for example so if you don't like it then just don't come because you know what it's going to be like.
  11. My one treat or the weekend from me to me for my birthday (19th) was to buy myself the money boxes, the 2015 set. I agree that I thought they'd go really quicky so was really surprised to see them available on the Sunday... I got numbers 113 of 1000 for Doc and 149 for Marty then got Christopher Lloyd to sign it.
  12. I can understand what you mean with not having an obvious disability like a wheelchair for example. Having epilepsy for example I get the same response from general public, sometimes making you feel that you have to show your medical certificate to prove it each time. (this is a general comment not just cons in general) (I also agree with Lesley where it is wrong to use items like wheelchairs inappropriately).
  13. Yes. This. Not only does it make your day easier but the crew will like you more if you give them £5 notes. I'll be on the crew's good list, I specifically went to my bank today to take a load of cash and requested it in £5 notes! I start hoarding £5 notes for about two weeks before any con. This way I can pay for things I want and make very busy crew members happy by paying £15 in £5 notes. ALL OF THE CHANGE. I did the same thing last year, because I was in England for a week before the Con. This year, however, I will be coming directly from Greece, so I hope the currency exchange at the airport has small banknotes! Otherwise, I will be pissing off a lot of the staff, I expect! All the staff are incredible people (and patient) and it would take a whole lot to upset them.. another reason why they're so great.. :) Although I imagine, especially at the beginning of days it does help quite a lot...
  14. I've done a lot of cons, even organising one, and I've yet to come across an actor who hasn't felt disappointed if not upset they can't meet their fans. They have as much fun doing them as we do. Also even if you don't get any guests to meet etc there's always new things, loads of stalls, loads to do. I found about 90% of my friends at conventions and it's great to meet up (and a great excuse to go to them too)
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