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  1. I'm very excited to announce that I will be joining Lea and the BttF cast at the reunion during this year's London Comic Con. (I played George in pt 2 & 3). Jeffrey Weissman.
  2. I wasn't in the 1st BttF film, (I played George D. McFly in pt 2 & 3), but I am very excited to announce I will be joining the BttF 30th anniversary cast reunion at London Comic Con 2015 Jeffrey Weissman
  3. I just got the go ahead to promote my attendance at London Comic Con, and this is the 30 year anniversary of Pale Rider, that I co-starred in with Clint. I will have pics from the film to sign at the show. Jeffrey Weissman
  4. FYI, I was the original director, Martin Brest's fave for the lead in War Games (formerly the Genius) , but the studio thought i didn't have enough clout as a star at the time (Broderick had a few big credits already). I tested with Ally Sheedy, the same day they tested Dana Carvy, Eric Stoltz, brian Backer, John Crowford). I have some great stories to share, if you find me at the show. peace, Jeffrey Weissman
  5. I should know something by showtime. Here's the trailer: http://www.corkedthemovie.com/corked-trailer.htm
  6. Hi all! I am excited that this will be my first show in the UK! I am missing the Hollywood premiere of "Corked!" a feature film that I play the lead character; an obsessive/compulsive winemaker in this very funny "mocumentary" showing May 20th at Cannes Film Market, (Palais D at 15:30) and opening in Los Angeles on June 5th, while I'm in Milton Keynes. I also play Mark Twain in the film; "Mark Twain in the Holy Land", set to release in 2010 for his centennial. And immediately following the show I go into production of the indie film, "American Disciples" I hope you visit my
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