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  1. I missed out on autos with Starkid this weekend just gone so I'd love for them to be there
  2. What happens if somebody's stuck in the queue when they're supposed to be getting a photo taken? My brother's first shoot is pretty early (before 10) on the Sunday but I doubt we can get there before 8.
  3. An exchange system would make things a whole lot easier. If people are being told that the ticket that they spent a small fortune for that they're no longer able to use is non-refundable and that they've just got o deal with losing that money, then of course they're going to try to get that back.
  4. What do we need to have on us in case we are spot checked? I'll have my credit card and passport, is that enough to verify?
  5. You can cross over th YALC with a standard LFACC ticket. The signings are not limited to YALC ticket holders. Excellent, thank you!
  6. As long as you're not doing blackface or anything like that then totally not offensive - you're showing your love for the character. In some circumstances I'd think differently though, like cosplaying a real person, but characters - go for it and enjoy.
  7. I think I know the answer anyway but just want to check before I lug a bag full of books to London will I be able to meet and have books signed by authors that are there 'for' the YALC with a standard ticket, or do I need to purchase a separate ticket?
  8. God, I hope there's a Sunday talk... you guys had better report back on any s6/TWOW gossip you can dredge up
  9. The rules have always been that way, that didn't just change with the e-tickets. You can ask at the table, but I can't promise they'd allow an exception. Sorry, I'm not too sure which rules you mean. Are they non-exchangable usually? Hence my asking haha! Thank you though :)
  10. Going to tack this on here because the admins have been around a lot - I bought some photo session tickets back when they sent out physical tickets, including one for my brother - he's not able to come now, so would I be able to exchange the ticket at the desk for a photo for myself or sell it on? Its only the one £15 ticket if that helps!
  11. I honestly didn't think we'd ever see this day, thank God I was wrong. History in the making! #LoveisLove
  12. Unfortunately I doubt we'll see the Hemsworth's at a British signing event as (per day) they each cost around the price of a family home...
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