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  1. Hi all this is just to let you know , that the area around the arena in Breahead has had a facelift, most importantly the cash machines that were just by the door have been taken away
  2. Had no idea it was ever at the SECC!!! IT hasn't
  3. Yep-they were both upstairs Cool, thanks! Michael was moved downstairs this evening, he is at the back of the arena near the Clyde
  4. me too. Winter CMG please, showmasters. A winter one was done at the very start of these events in Glasgow some five years ago sadly it was not a success, it didn't help that it was right at the start of the financial crisis admittedly
  5. I had a great time at LFC as part of the crew for this event and regular crew for Glasgow, I am so looking forward to are show at home, not only because for now its smaller but watching it grow over the years is great too
  6. I would be interested in a regular opportunity to meet some like minded souls
  7. As guest assistant to Sonny i can confirm that was his wife and its no wonder he wanted your daughter in the photo as she is a little star herself
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