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  1. Marc Singer Michael Ironside Jane Badler ( 35th anniversary of "V" / first time release on bluray)
  2. hi showmaster's pretty please for V and beastmaster legend that is Marc Singer? the last time you guys had him at any of your events was 2006 at collectormania it would be amazing if you could have him back again please? and with the recent release of V the mini series on bluray for the first time it would be perfect! fingers crossed you guys can make this happen after all these years.
  3. Please for 2020 showmasters?
  4. why are there less than 20 guests? and only from game of thrones, Dr who and star wars?
  5. sorry if this has already been mention but would love showmasters to bring Bill Murray to the uk in 2019/2020.
  6. so it's just a case of checking back to see if the option gets added ok thanks for the heads up x
  7. i see now that we can pre order something signed by james jude courtney for £25 do we have to send in our own items to be signed or do LFCC have halloween photos that can be signed? as i don't fancy having to buy something online then sending it i would rather just buy a signed photo if possible?
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