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  1. fingers crossed you guys can bring marc to collectormania 2022 as he has not been in the uk for 15 years!
  2. a bump for mr keaton for 2022 please :)
  3. Guys is there any chance of arranging a private signing with Marc in these times?
  4. I met him in Blackpool a few years ago absolute gentleman! be great to see him at a showmasters event
  5. Michael Ironside please?
  6. Marc Singer Michael Ironside Jane Badler ( 35th anniversary of "V" / first time release on bluray)
  7. hi showmaster's pretty please for V and beastmaster legend that is Marc Singer? the last time you guys had him at any of your events was 2006 at collectormania it would be amazing if you could have him back again please? and with the recent release of V the mini series on bluray for the first time it would be perfect! fingers crossed you guys can make this happen after all these years.
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