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  1. could someone keep me right please? i'm coming for Michael ironside on the friday so it's 11.45 till 12.30 for his photoshoot session ( with free talk included in that timeframe?)
  2. Me too but for some reason Marc has not been invited to a showmasters event since collectormania back in 2006! Yet Robert englund gets an invite every year I don't get it... especially when him and Michael ironside played under Marc in V! Ah well let's hope showmasters can bring Mr. SINGER before it is too late...
  3. is anyone at showmasters taking this onboard? :)
  4. Marc Singer for the next showmasters event please since you never brought him with Robert Englund and Michael ironside (which was a no brainer) cheers!
  5. can't wait to meet Mr. ironside he's one of the best character actors on the planet!
  6. cool Malky how can you have michael ironside signature already when he hasn'r been to the UK yet?
  7. Hopefully Marc singer Malky! it's a no brainer seeing we already have Robert Englund now Michael ironside! please showmasters get the V reunion on :)
  8. fingers crossed you guys can bring marc to collectormania 2022 as he has not been in the uk for 15 years!
  9. a bump for mr keaton for 2022 please :)
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