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Latest Guest Announcement - AIMEE GARCIA

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Latest Guest Announcement: Aimee Garcia

Attending: Saturday and Sunday

Autograph Price: £15

Photo Shoot Price: £15




*Lucifer - Ella Lopez

*Dexter - Jamie Batista 

*Robocop - Jae Kim

*Rush Hour - Didi Diaz 

*Angel - Cynthia 

*Supernatural - Nancy Fitzgerald 

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2 hours ago, Daniel said:

(please can we have Angel photos)

You know the answer to that. ;) If you are dead set on a photo from a certain show it is always best to source your own image. It's never guaranteed which images SM provides and the photos can and do run out during the course of a show.

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  • 2 months later...

She was so sweet and enthusiastic (I was most amused at how impressed she was with my preparation as I'd brought a Post-It with my name on it for personalizations for a change ;) ).  Told her I was crossing my fingers for Lucifer to be picked up, which she much appreciated.  (One guy actually wore a #Save Lucifer T-shirt.  Now THAT was impressive!)

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