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  1. Highs: Being able to achieve all my photos and having this opportunity to meet as many Doctor Who actors was fantastic. Lows: Went to get photo at Sam Neill AM, which was my plan (Batch 1) as PM was to be busy, on Sunday and after racing to get there by 12:10 was told he had left as queue died down. He was meant to be there until 12:20. Not cool, crew. Timings are important. Trust was broken then further when I managed to get David Duchovny PM and get my photo but I heard they were going to cut off the Photos and there was still 15mins left on the schedule!!! Scrambling through crowds of people to join the queue, Jason Momoa and Matt Smith!!! My apologies to anyone I may have bumped or grazed in my effort. When you arrive at an area and can not see or get to crew for information you are quickly reminded how bad, year after year, communication is at these events. Putting volunteers under pressure doesn’t seem right. More of a comic con regret, Missed out on Tom Baker because I could not get there for Friday but I seem to still feel bad even though I managed all other Doctors on Sunday. It’s because a photo by SM will complete my collection along with a photo with Sylvester McCoy with me wearing the same t-shirt.
  2. Similar to last year, pity the photo shoot areas are where they are again. The guest signing area was packed with people last year (created a bottle neck at times) and it was difficult and stressful to get from the Photo Shoot E&F area to the A&B/C&D area when you have minutes between shoots. Delays to photo shoots last year surprisingly made it work but not being able to see or know how busy a shoot is and adding minutes even though walking fast between areas to check is risky. Some staff keeping a route clear would help!! but I still think the schedule now has put at least three of my shoots at risk because of the distance and volume of traffic I expect to encounter. My advice is to look at the timings on the schedule and make sure you add walking time.
  3. Disappointed is she now unavailable but I find myself saying in these situations ‘You can be captain of your ship but not of the sea’. Just steered my excitement, and the forthcoming refund, into seeing someone else, thanks to SM for the choices. I have read through the comments of this announcement and having seen it shift tone, I found myself shaking my head. I would have preferred to read much more people’s best wishes and comments asking for her to return soon (Should she ever read these) so she would know we want to see her should the opportunity arise. For those that are unaware, you are on a forum with a community of people that, from what I read regularly, are proud that SM has given them the opportunity to meet amazing talented people. People that have entertained us with genres that have us watching them over and over again. Hi Megan Fox. All the best and fingers crossed we see you again soon.
  4. Today!!!! More!!...sure just one more, he says....not fearing an apocalypse but starts to shake knowing a clash meltdown is coming.
  5. Very pleased with him coming, a little annoyed it was a monday announcement and I ended up with Batch 3, but Sunday is my Doctor Who day so I am smiling again.
  6. SM, you must feel the Force around you; at LFCC, between Mark Hamill, me, the photoshoot, the photographer, there, yes. Even between each batch called and the white line.
  7. I am hoping as well. I am aware autographs drive people’s passions at these cons but this may just be only the opportunity to get a photoshoot of this nature, so forgive me when I say forget getting them for autographs. An hour or two of their time only for the photoshoot may not stress them too much.
  8. Yes, that would be my preferred option. It seems to take away from my experience standing next to them.
  9. It is very quiet on the CM25 forum! 100 guests and nearly 25 hours until the event, come on fans, help build the excitement.
  10. I was just having a laugh at my predicament but you are right I do need to do that method of getting help through the queues. A bit of a pickle alright. I also have Clare in the mix too. I would have thought Beatie will be available for a Photo shoot around the same time as Roxanne and Christopher considering there is a join shoot. This might have helped. It is what it is. Some changes sometimes happen before the show, fingers crossed if they occur they go in my favour. On the day, all I can do is take a deep breath and hope I don't encounter too many hold ups.
  11. I have been very lucky in the past with schedules but for the Saturday there is very little time after 5pm between photo shoots. Solution would be for me to just stand still, use the force and have Chad, Ellie, Kenny, Aimee, Beattie, Daniel, Michelle and come to me
  12. Oh well, Work is work is work, we all need too. But sometimes it just makes it all seem worth it to have a photo with a guest like Charles. Venture back soon please.
  13. Worth adding to Walking Dead photo collection. Nice one SM
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