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  1. Collectormania 25 Talk and Photo Shoot Schedule

    I was just having a laugh at my predicament but you are right I do need to do that method of getting help through the queues. A bit of a pickle alright. I also have Clare in the mix too. I would have thought Beatie will be available for a Photo shoot around the same time as Roxanne and Christopher considering there is a join shoot. This might have helped. It is what it is. Some changes sometimes happen before the show, fingers crossed if they occur they go in my favour. On the day, all I can do is take a deep breath and hope I don't encounter too many hold ups.
  2. Collectormania 25 Talk and Photo Shoot Schedule

    I have been very lucky in the past with schedules but for the Saturday there is very little time after 5pm between photo shoots. Solution would be for me to just stand still, use the force and have Chad, Ellie, Kenny, Aimee, Beattie, Daniel, Michelle and come to me
  3. Latest Guest Announcement - RICHARD WILSON

    Well isn't this simply marvellous. Photo purchased.

    Oh well, Work is work is work, we all need too. But sometimes it just makes it all seem worth it to have a photo with a guest like Charles. Venture back soon please.
  5. Latest Guest Announcement - AUSTIN AMELIO

    Worth adding to Walking Dead photo collection. Nice one SM
  6. Latest Guest Announcement - MICHELLE RYAN

    Watched her in Doctor Who, Merlin, even bought Bionic Woman on dvd when it came out, and watched Eastenders when she was on it. Photo purchased while sporting a big smile.
  7. Latest Guest Announcement - TOM VAUGHAN-LAWLOR

    Now that’s an Irish show you should watch before meeting him. Tom’s performances were deadly.
  8. Latest Guest Announcement - TOM WELLING

    First time and most certainly not his last with the welcome about to be bestowed upon him from fans. Thanks SM
  9. Latest Guest Announcement - MADS MIKKELSEN

    Photo booked. Nicely done SM.
  10. Latest Guest Announcement - TOBY STEPHENS

    Got my ticket before I started watching Lost in Space and very very pleased with it so far. Hoping for some more actors from this show and you find me booking group photoshoots.
  11. General Chat

    Shhhhh.... that con is SM's little gem.....don't be sharing it.
  12. Guest Cancellation - STEVEN OGG

    Shame, you would have been busy at the con too
  13. Countdown

    3 days

    There he goes...off doing more great acting.....becoming more famous......making us want to meet him even more!