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Latest Guest Announcement - RICHARD DEAN ANDERSON


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I saw this hidden in the visitor comments on the facebook page but it may not have been seen by anyone so I'm copying and pasting here for everyone that wants to see Richard.

Paul Brown to Showmasters Events

· 2 July at 18:56 ·

We have given careful consideration to all of the issues concerning giving 'gifts' to Richard Dean Anderson at LFCC. In addition to issues such as security, consumables etc., the primary problem is transporting the items back home. The logistics and cost of transporting so many gifts is simply not practical. We have also considered the many comments we have received from Richard's fans on this subject and we regret that we must now introduce a strict "No Gift" policy at this event. This will apply to any goods other than postcards, and any gifts that are brought to the event will be donated to local charities. In order to be fair to all fans, NO exceptions will be made, so please don't ask.

However, as we are sensitive to the importance of you wanting to get your personal message of thanks and appreciation to Richard. We would therefore suggest that you obtain a postcard from your local town/city and then write your personal message to Richard on the card. We will accept those postcards at this event.

Please understand that the 'no gift' policy is standard practice with travelling celebrities. As they travel by plane, they are unable to take gifts home with them. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation

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I've met RDA at several shows in the US over the years - he truly is one of the kindest, nicest celebs I've ever had the pleasure of interacting with.

The very first time I met him, I had him sign a comic book for my wife (who's a huge Stargate SG-1 fan) and he accidentally misspelled her name. When he realized his mistake, he insisted on writing her a separate note apologizing for his mixup and promising her that he would make it up to her at a future event. Such a class act!

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