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  1. Farewell mrs Peel/mrs 007 , met her at EMS '11 :(
  2. Batman TAS voices What a shame we will never meet Steve Irwin aka Croc Hunter , he had such a passion about animals
  3. Mortal Kombat the Movie 25 this yr : Shou , Soto , Wilson , Ashby
  4. Ji Han Jae (hes very old now , gold belted opponent from Game of Death) Michael Chan
  5. I think hes contract bound som he might not be allowed to do UK cons ?
  6. Michael Richards (sadly he doesnt do fanmail and if you do get a reply its like winning lottery , very very tough)
  7. https://www.flickr.com/photos/157964063@N08/49213936988/ Met Leighton , Rutherford , Brenda Strong at Dortmund con (Melrose script , ad with hilarious quote by LL , 2 posters s3 & s7 - also sgd by Luner at HS '19 , turk poster , pr still , front page)
  8. Hes hysterical in Police Academy 5 , just him alone makes it worth seeing , lmao RIP
  9. RIP Claudine Auger , another Bond guest that never happened :(
  10. What a shame Chen Sing passed in sept , he was a kung fu icon...we wouldve needed a translator though
  11. If it didnt happen 15 yrs ago or so then I doubt very much it will happen now
  12. Its like Mickey in the Rocky films , he thought it was a waste of time for Rocky to box Spider Rico but Rocky would not let go his dream , then (like Stallone himself) he got the chance of a lifetime and at first he wasnt sure if he should take that chance
  13. Another 60s icon gone , thought i would meet him some day , alas like with mr Hopper it was not to be :(
  14. Mortal Kombat (Shou , Soto , Ashby , Wilson....if only one of these would show up Id be happy) main star Bond girls (Bouquet , Bach , Bianchi , Auger......these have prolly never done a con)
  15. Models Inc (Romanov , Hill , Rae , Linda Gray , Travis , Samms , Wilder) Melrose Place (Zuniga , Thorne Smith , Bissett , Rinna) 90210 (Thiessen , Ziering , Priestley , Robertson , Spelling , the Walsh parents , Green) Principal
  16. Ive compared this to another card Ive got which Ive confirmed is legit , this looks very real......did Moss ever use gold pen to sign mail ? Talk about old skool , ca. 1995
  17. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zugzBFZAFQE https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5tfdubsv82Y https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=lZadN7zv1xU (un-sgd but still cool) For yrs these have been lying around , finally i had them on linen....... thanks for looking
  18. Hed have a heart attack if he heard what Sly or Arnie is charging :p
  19. Now THAT is a guy i wouldnt mind seeing at LFCC , the man is a 90s legend :p
  20. Oddball : "Always with them negative waves.....*always* with them waves !"
  21. Some actors like Linden Ashby you can barely decipher , back i the day Pacino used to have a nice signature , now its just a sloppy written "Al"
  22. The talk shouldve been at least *two and a half* hours (pun intended) :p
  23. This guy would give you a literal bear hug
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