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Amy Manson (Being Human UK, Torchwood, BBC Atlantis, Once Upon A Time)

Robert Emms (BBC Atlantis)

Aiden Turner (Being Human UK, Hobbit)

Hillywood Show (Doctor Who, Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Walking Dead, The Hunger Games, Twilight parodies on YouTube)

New Who guests (Doctors, Companions, etc...)

Torchwood guests

Merlin guests (Colin Morgan, Bradley James, Katie McGrath, etc...)

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Seeing as it will be my birthday on that sunday who would i realistically like to meet...


Ashleigh Brewer

Delta Goodrem

Pippa Black

Isabel Lucas

Rhiannon Fish

Leah Cudmore

Bethany Joy Lenz

Emmanuelle Vaugier

Cassidy Freeman


Those are literally off the top of my head, i will think it through before adding more. Assuming i choose to obviously.

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Charles Dance


John Cleese


Terry Jones


Eric Idle


Adam West (60th anniversary of Batman)


Burt Ward (60th Anniversary of Batman)


Stan Lee


Ron Glass


Sean Maher


Alan Tudyk


Gina Torres


Adam Baldwin


Summer Glau


Nathan Fillion


Lee Majors


David Tennant


Matt Smith


Tom Baker


Brendan Gleeson


James Cosmo

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I would really really appreciate it if you booked lily rabe for the sheffield film and comic con in august for sheffield :), my list is:

LILY RABE (no introduction necessary)

Marshall teague (jimmy from road house)

Andrew Robinson

Jami gertz (played star in lost boys)

Billy drago

Sean bean

Tom savini

Sean Chapman

Famke janssen would be absolutely amazing please showmasters

Edited by mark taz and skye
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Doctor Who: Peter Davison, Janet Fielding, Sarah Sutton, Matthew Waterhouse, William Russell, Wendy Padbury, Anneke Wills, Angela Bruce. I'd also love to meet Ben Aaronovitch and Andrew Cartmel, they'd make a great panel.

Would really love to see some Harry Potter guests too!


Dreaming big I'd love to see some of the cast of Warehouse 13, especially Allison Scagliotti, Jaime Murray, Eddie McClintock & Joanne Kelly.

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Andrew Scott (Sherlock)

Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock)

Martin Freeman (Sherlock, Hobbit)

Tobin Bell (Saw)

Reece Shearsmith (League of Gentlemen, Inside Number 9, Psychoville)

Steve Pemberton (League of Gentlemen, Inside Number 9, Psychoville)

Mark Gatiss (Sherlock, Game of Thrones, League of Gentlemen)

Craig Charles (Red Dwarf) as he previously cancelled ;)

Danny John-Jules (Red Dwarf)

Norman Lovett (Red Dwarf)

Hattie Hayridge (Red Dwarf)

To be fair any Red Dwarf Cast :P



American Horror Story!! :D

Game Of Thrones.

Would be cool if the Youtubers "The Yogscast" came as well as they are based in the UK :P

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Just seen hes at London any chance he'll be at Sheffield?? Ive been to both years at Sheffield and last year was superb to have Robert Englund and Amanda Wyss....we deserve more top quality guests in Sheffield and not the same Dr who and Star Wars guests 😊

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Sir Patrick Stewart (Capt. J L Picard) TNG

Brian Blessed (Vultan) Flash Gordon

Sean Bean (Boromir) LOTR + many others

John Rhys-Davis (Prof M Arturo) Sliders + many others

Kari Wuhrer (Capt. Maggie Beckett) Sliders

Jerry O'Connell (Quin Mallory) Sliders

Tom Baker (Dr Who)

Chris Barrie (A J Rimmer) Red Dwarf

Erika Eleniak( Pretty Girl) E.T

Bill Paxton (Private Hudson) Aliens

Katee Sackhoff (Capt. Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace) Battlestar Galactica

Tricia Helfer (Number Six) Battlestar Galatica

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