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  1. Is "bad eggs" a clue? Could they be dragon's eggs? Emilia Clarke
  2. There is nothing in my post to suggest any objection to the orange wristband holders being able to get the front of the queue. They were entitled to expect that treatment, as far as I am aware. My point was that diamond pass holders could safely have been gone to the front. I just thought that that was how the diamond passes were supposed to work.
  3. I thought that the queue to get in was well-managed. The management of the photo queues was very good but not completely consistent. I had a diamond pass for Tony Robinson. I arrived a few minutes after he'd started his first shoot. I'd just been to another shoot. I was told to join the back of the queue, behind people with batch tickets. There was no "safety" reason. A number of people with orange access wrist bands and batch tickets (but no visible mobility challenges) who arrived after me were shown to the front of queue. I had a batch 1 ticket for Miranda Richardson.
  4. Jodie Whittaker is my guess and she'd be a fantastic addition. Or Rowan Atkinson maybe? I can't wait for Friday!
  5. John Leeson (K9 in Dr Who) on Pointless yesterday
  6. Huw Thomas (Dr Who: Death Comes to Time) Stormtrooper actors
  7. Rogue One Oolin Musters - Kiran Shah
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