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  1. Are all showmasters events now ticket only or can you still turn up on the day and queue to get in at some events? The reason I ask is I`m writing this on the only computer I can use which is in my local library meaning I don`t feel comfortable typing in my bank details on here to pay for tickets as well as the fact that I prefer to pay cash in hand on the day. Thanks as always for any help you can give me.
  2. Seeing as it will be my birthday on that sunday who would i realistically like to meet... Ashleigh Brewer Delta Goodrem Pippa Black Isabel Lucas Rhiannon Fish Leah Cudmore Bethany Joy Lenz Emmanuelle Vaugier Cassidy Freeman Those are literally off the top of my head, i will think it through before adding more. Assuming i choose to obviously.
  3. In my opinion the three most beautiful power rangers ever cast would be a hell yeah announcement Tracy Lynn Cruz Emma Lahana Anna Hutchinson
  4. Nancy Allen - Quite simply one of the nicest people you will EVER meet
  5. Anne Hathaway!!! Unrealistic i know but being the sexiest Catwoman EVER she just had to get a mention
  6. Jessica Parker Kennedy Melissa George Isabel Lucas Emmanuelle Vaugier
  7. For my sister - Rhyno Sting Paul London Brian Kendrick The Undertaker Drew McIntyre/Galloway For Me - Demolition Kimberley
  8. Not technically a companion...Jasmine Breaks Daphne Ashbrook - Double Thumbs Up!!!
  9. Charisma Carpenter AND Julie Benz???
  10. I can`t remember if it was 80s or 90s but there was an american sitcom called Full House
  11. Demolition Hulk Hogan Sting Strike Force The Rockers The Red Rooster
  12. Martin "Wolfie" Adams Anastasia Dobromyslova
  13. Phoebe Tonkin (Bait) Isabel Lucas (Daybreakers) Caitlin Stacey (All Cheerleaders Die) Monica Keena (Freddy Vs Jason) Melissa George (Paradise Lost and 40 Days and Nights) Christina Cole Emmanuelle Vaugier (Supernatural, Far Cry and House Of The Dead 2) Elisabeth Rohm (Lake Placid...The Final Bite) i can`t remember the exact title Ingrid Oliver (Dr Who) just wanted to include her so i`m bending the rules if that`s okay?
  14. Chuck Norris Barry and Dick Van Dyke James Earl Jones Louis Gossett Jr Ed Harris Robert De Niro Al Pacino Harvey Keitel Sidney Poitier Might have got a bit unrealistic towards the end but i just figure imagination is your only limit when it comes to suggestions.
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