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  1. So to collect my Diamond Pass Saturday morning before going in, I need to find Gate H at Olympia West, get it and then queue to get into the actual event at the same place but different area? This isn't sinking in right for some reason haha
  2. As long as I'm still able to get it for her, that's fine. I knew there was a chance they wouldn't be personalising. I just wanted to double check that I'd be okay to do that if possible. Thank you!
  3. I have a Diamond Pass for Steven Yeun, but the auto's not going to be for myself (I'll be the one getting it as it's going to a friend who can't attend). Would I be able to get it personalized with a different name or should I just ask for it not personalized for the easiest? I assumed I would be okay doing this, as I'll be the one getting it?
  4. I'm thinking of possibly coming as female Negan, so I was just wondering what the requirements for Lucille would be? Obviously no actual wooden bat or barbed wire so my current thinking is a foam/squishy bat and string painted to look like barbed wire? I have a pic on what the planned barbed wire would look like, if that would help. Would that be okay? Thanks!
  5. That's what I meant with the virtual queue tickets, I just couldn't think how to word it haha! Where is the number called though? At the guests tables? Thank you for your help!
  6. Hey! This is my first time attending LFCC though I have been to a few of the smaller cons, so I was hoping someone would be able to answer some questions and give me some advice? Where do you find the batch number for the virtual queue tickets? Is it at the guests autograph stand? How quick do the lines to get in grow and what time do people normally start queuing from? I have early entry but my train doesn't get in until 8am and I have to get across from Kings Cross. I'm hard of hearing so at the panels I need to be close to the front (up to about fourth row I've found from experience at previous cons) and I know when I've gone before they've said as soon as the panel before has ended, speak to the steward working them and they'll make sure I'm seated where I can hear. Would that be the same here? Is there anywhere around the con where I could get cheap food/drink during the day? Thanks!
  7. Amy Manson (Being Human UK, Torchwood, BBC Atlantis, Once Upon A Time) Robert Emms (BBC Atlantis) Aiden Turner (Being Human UK, Hobbit) Hillywood Show (Doctor Who, Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Walking Dead, The Hunger Games, Twilight parodies on YouTube) New Who guests (Doctors, Companions, etc...) Torchwood guests Merlin guests (Colin Morgan, Bradley James, Katie McGrath, etc...)
  8. I remember last year there were lockers/storage for cosplayers though I can't remember it was just for attendees who were doing the masquerade. Im coming in cosplay this year but there's things Im going to be changing into at the con and I don't really wanna carry things round with me all day, and I don't think I'd be doing the masquerade, so is there anywhere I could store everything and if so, what price? Thanks!
  9. I'd love some The 100 guests! And New Who. I also saw William Sadler was at another event and Roswell guests here would be awesome.
  10. I'm really sorry to keep bugging like this but it's been over a month since he was announced, THREE other guests have been announced after him and have their photo ops on sale so why not for Robert Emms? I understand there was an event on but its been around two weeks since that was on now as well.
  11. Last night I posted a guest suggesting for him... Now today he's announced! Such a coincidence but so excited!
  12. Amy Manson, Robert Emms, Jack Donnelly, basically the Atlantis cast... (But especially Amy Manson)
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