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  1. King Cuppa T

    Latest Guest Announcement - JASON ISAACS

    Can someone say hello to Jason Isaacs for me?
  2. King Cuppa T

    Kane Hodder

    Is there any chance that Kane Hodder could do Sheffield as he's signed on to do London?
  3. King Cuppa T

    Guest Cancellation - Sylvester McCoy

    Is he now attending or is the website incorrect?
  4. So far everyone is booked to appear on the Saturday but not Sunday. Any news on this?
  5. King Cuppa T

    Any Steven Seagal pics or stories?

    Looks good
  6. King Cuppa T

    Any Steven Seagal pics or stories?

    I guess for the price he's charging it was going to limit the number of people seeing him considering how many other guests are in attendance.
  7. Disappointed I couldn't make it down to London so to help me out, please share any pics or stories with him. Thanks.
  8. King Cuppa T

    Guest Suggestions

    I only have a list of three people I would like to meet in Sheffield. Kane Hodder Kane Hodder......and, erm Kane Hodder. Please try your best to get him, he won't disappoint.
  9. King Cuppa T

    Guest Suggestions

  10. King Cuppa T

    Latest Guest Announcement - NOEL CLARKE

    His reaction to being asked why he didn't star in Anuvahood was priceless! Only slight downer to his Q&A was that he seemed a little bit annoyed that he was being asked so many questions about Doctor Who and had to remind people that he has written, directed and starred in other projects. About half way through, I think he got into his groove and just went with it.
  11. King Cuppa T

    Guest Suggestions

    Peter Davison (Doctor Who) Doug Bradley (Hellraiser) Kane Hodder (Friday The 13th)
  12. King Cuppa T

    Guest suggestions

    Would really like to meet Kane Hodder
  13. King Cuppa T

    Latest Guest Announcement - TED DIBIASE

    I had a photo shoot with Ted Dibiase. Really gutted to find out that only three people including myself paid for a photo shoot with him.
  14. King Cuppa T

    Freddy Gloves

    Does anybody know that with the appearance of Robert England whether any stalls will be selling Freddy gloves?