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  1. Cant get the site to except any pic why make it such a faff instead of select file upload seems a little bit stupid to over complicate a simple photo upload
  2. I have been collecting for over 15 year and have over 2500 items in my collections i always try to get something signed that most people dont like this to his admission the only one he has autographed green cross code badge by David Prowess http://[url=http://s1339.photobuck
  3. Is their a list of confirmed events for 2017 yet i am hoping to attend more than one this year and would like to make some sort of plan
  4. overall I really enjoyed it guests were nice had plenty of time for their fans was a little disappointed in stalls as their were more funko pops than anything else by second isle was sick of seeing them but really enjoyed everything else 7 out of 10 didn't compare to previous years by a mile but still good
  5. Enjoyed my day was sick of seeing funko pops by second isle and less stalls and guests than last year but was still a good day and crap that it's another year until next one
  6. Yeah gutted he cancelled last year because of ill health and a couple of other star wars signers had sad he was really ill missed the chance to meet him but will never forget him
  7. yeah was gonna say that well impressed with him this year he seemed a lot more motivated chatted with him for a while posed for pics he was awesome
  8. I have parked in arena car park everytime I go because there are stewards walking about so feel better about nipping back and leaving stuff in car
  9. Am I being optimistic or is their still a chance of last minute guest announcements?
  10. Like I said put me off meeting anyone else never even looked at me signed my corgi set and chucked it on table completely ruined red dwarf for me I just can't enjoy it anymore he is the only guest I have ever met that I wish I hadn't
  11. My other half bought me tickets and just realised they are in her name as she can't go now so one of my m8s will be goin with me will this be a problem or do I need some of her I.D
  12. I said it was from the Manchester page. I linked it because it shows what the Groot shoot is. Sound thanks didn't want to get exited if it was a mistake
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