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  1. I've met Kai before, I can honestly say he is a top guy, he's so down to earth and such a laugh, I can't wait to say hi to him again.
  2. Unfortunately I can't afford to travel down to London as too expensive, one year I will make the trip for the London one but alas this year it won't be.
  3. Grant gustin won't do them as another con company I use has said so. Clark Gregg apparently charges a small fortune per appearance so he's very unlikely. As for the other marvel/Dc guests I highly doubt as they are more likely to do a weekend dedicated con than a regional one, as well as the prices for them would be ridiculous just to get to appear. I would however love to meet the Marvel/Dc guests on the list of possible :)
  4. Gutted, the only guest I was going for, pity as I wanted to properly meet him this time
  5. Does anyone know when tickets for the con will go on sale as I've been checking regularly for them to go on sale.
  6. I doubt showmasters will get him for sheffield, they had him at London. Also you will be looking at double his value for SM as I've met him at another event and he was half the price of SM, lastly he will probably be busy now he's getting household name level of famous. A good suggestion though as he is such a great guy.
  7. Great guest, I was gutted that I didn't properly meet him the first year but nows my chance
  8. Walking dead (any but would love Norman). Anyone from any DC/Marvel shows or films. Star Trek cast (anyone who was main or supporting cast or a notable character).
  9. There's one inside the arena but half the time it never works and it charges. I think there's some over the road somewhere but another option is paying by card at some stalls
  10. If you were literally there to see just Dave you could walk in mid-afternoon and be out in under 30mins (assuming he is at his table when you got there). Absolutely nothing to worry about. Shows like these do not generate the queues and general pandemonium of events like LFCC. Thanks. Yep, just there for Dave.What's the protocol with signings ? Just find he guests and get in line ? Usually you find the guest your after and if there's a que join it and if not then your straight to the guest, once there you pick a picture you like (or take your own memorabilia but still have to pay) pay for it and get it signed.
  11. Personally I don't think he will have ques around the arena like some guests have in the past, all guests seem quick at signing so if there is a que you won't be in it for long. Also I believe guests are there for all day or at least the majority of it so I don't think you will miss out on meeting him.
  12. I didn't meet Chris at Sheffield due to it being overwhelming the first time but I met him a few months later at a local con to me and I will say he was absolutely lovely and very friendly, he must of had an off day as I've met celebs before who were rudeish then met them again and they were completely different.
  13. Ah thanks everyone for clearing that up for me. Sounds like it could be fun.
  14. Where's the jeep shoot on the schedule and what's I Am Groot?
  15. The first year I went I didn't have a ticket and I just popped into the box office and got one. As far as I know sheffield won't accept payments at door as it's too time consuming and not practical to do so. Box office is right under the arena so you should have no problems getting a ticket.
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