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  1. I had a dream recently that kyle McLachlan was added to the lineup but I don't think that will happen lol
  2. Might I recommend that show masters delete the 'may the force be with you' article on the homepage, its not relevant anymore
  3. Bought my Saturday early bird ticket yesterday :) looking forward to it
  4. I agree, I would also love more aliens guests, please get Daniel kash
  5. Does anyone know if there will be a stall selling American horror story shirts this year? You know which ones I'm on about?
  6. I would be happy if its only the cast that has been announced but I would even happier if more got announced :), do the 8x10s cost extra?
  7. I'm not really an autograph collector but I'm thinking of getting the aliens cast autographs this year
  8. Anyone here getting any autographs this year? I've never gotten one before but I'm thinking about it this year and wondering if its worth it?
  9. I'm so looking forward to this one :) I always do
  10. Mark, there's being hopeful and there's outright dreaming If the likes of Sigourney Weaver appeared at one of the small regional shows I think most of us would die of shock. I know but the others are realistic though aren't they?
  11. Daniel kash, Cynthia dale Scott, ricco Ross, sigourney weaver, William hope, Michael biehn
  12. Sure the more the merrier; why not get Daniel kash, ricco Ross and dare I say sigourney weaver too
  13. Who's excited for the aliens guests this year? And who else do you think will be announced from aliens?
  14. Is it just me or is this year going pretty quickly? Roll on August, I always love this film and comic con
  15. ANDREW ROBINSON PLEASE!!!!!! Embeth davidtz would also be great :)
  16. She could get away with charging more, great guest and I hope she goes to Sheffield too
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