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  1. Some more Star Wars guests (Ep 4-6 mainly), might force me to head to Manchester.
  2. A few guests from the Alien franchise are going to others, can we get a couple to Sheffield please? It was great having Michael Biehn last year. Don't mind as many Star Wars guests as you can muster as well.
  3. There are quite a few Dr Who guests I'd like to meet. Tom Baker and Peter Davison are probably long shots, but may I suggest: Anneke Wills, Mauren O'Brien, Carol Ann Ford, Lalla Ward, Janet Fielding, Matthew Waterhouse, Bonnie Langford and Nicola Bryant.
  4. Fantastic. Sent off for his auto a few years ago and received a quick response.
  5. The A-Team were escaped criminals who helped individuals who were having crimes done upon them.
  6. As there are so many dramas (past and present) I was wondering if Showmasters had considered a convention along this theme? Plenty of shows to draw guests from (CSI, Criminal Minds, The Bill, The A-Team to name but a few) and I'd love to see what they thought of the show alongside realism, etc. Anyone else interested?
  7. I'd love to meet Ralph Brown, Steve Huison, Mark Addy, Danny Webb or anyone from the Alien, Star Wars, GoT, Buffy, the Bill or Brookside films/shows.
  8. Fantastic. Hoping to meet all the major Dwarf stars this year. Thoroughly enjoyed meeting Craig Charles in Manchester last year.
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