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  1. i really hope we get more guest announcements soon because the list so far is very light and very lets say.....underwhelming
  2. Just seen hes at London any chance he'll be at Sheffield?? Ive been to both years at Sheffield and last year was superb to have Robert Englund and Amanda Wyss....we deserve more top quality guests in Sheffield and not the same Dr who and Star Wars guests 😊
  3. To ask about next years guests in Sheffield?? I had such a fantastic time I can't wait for next year lol. I am of course joking re the guests next year but can I just say getting Robert Englund and Amanda Wyss again would be an excellent decision...cheers for another superb show...I've loved both years in Sheffield so here's looking forward to the hat trick 😎😃
  4. i was about 7th in the early bird que and was thrilled to get a freddy doodle in my book aswell as a sig...i agree showmasters should get both guests back for next year....
  5. Well next years dates have been announced already so maybe buying tickets a little later might be the best way to go....ive enjoyed both years and look forward to next...
  6. Can I just say what fantastic guests both these 2 were today...they both chatted to myself at length and I got signed pics from both and Robert not only signed my book but also doodled a pic of Freddy in the front aswell !!! Awesome day ..roll on next year with hopefully more NOES guests 😃
  7. Well I went today and had a fantastic time...can't understand why you'd bother going today if yesterday was such a boring experience for you
  8. cheers...im just after an autograph or two so ill get a VQ ticket as soon as i arrive any tips on the direction of his table....shall i run left or right lol :lol:
  9. do you need VQ tickets if you just want an autograph or are they for a photoshoot??
  10. what day will you be there?? im there sunday and would love a pic :)
  11. Cheers for the help guys ...the only autographs I'm really wanting are Robert Englund and Amanda Wyss...I didn't want to arrive be stuck in a massive que and miss out on the VQ tickets 👍😃
  12. A taxi isn't much more expensive and it's a lot more convenient and less time consuming especially having to figure out where to get a tram from and which tram to get etc
  13. I have early bird entry but will I be ok to arrive pretty much just before 9am or are there still quite large lines waiting to get in?? Any suggestions at what time to arrive to start queing??
  14. Just need to find out where Roberts table is now ...bet when the doors open I go in the wrong direction lol
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