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Latest Guest Announcement - George A. Romero

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They're definitely there if you search for 'George'..


Found them! Thanks! They're not listed as normal for me though - it would seem I have spent way too much time since 7pm last night refreshing... I think I even dreamt about refreshing...

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Still waiting on chewie appearing in the shop


He's TBA in the guest days/prices topic, and a photo shoot wasn't mentioned in his announcement, so that's probably why nothing has been added yet.

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wow, really great guest

is it possible to get David Emge and Paul Musser(Title picture of Zombie) too.

what´s up with Ted White(Friday the 13th Part 4). i don´t know how Long they will to be live

While the wording mad me laugh you are right on Ted White, he's getting on. He was also in Starman and Romancing the stone as well as being John Waynes stuntman for years so loads of appeal outside us Friday the 13th fans.

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If he is in a chair it won't be an issue. I've had a number of photoshoots with guests in chairs for various reasons (height, age, disability) and the pics have always worked out great. Sometimes you have a chair too (if they are wheelchair users like Kenny Baker this is often the case), sometimes they are on a high stool (like a bar stool type that Clive Barker was on a few years back due to an injury) so the difference is minimal. The photographers are well-seasoned professionals, and they always know how to arrange it to frame the shot best.

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I love Monkey Shines. Saw it when I was a teenager and thought it was brilliant. A jealous killer monkey. There are just not enough movies about this subject made. I just got hold of 8 Romero movies yesterday and a few documentaries that he did. Gotta do my research! I've started by watching Tales from the Darkside. The pilot episode Romero did was still a cracker of a tale. The show looks dated but the stories still hold up by today's standards.

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