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  1. I've known Kenny over thirty years, he's Lady friend (not his wife) is my mother
  2. The lady you mentioned is not kennys wife she's my mother and partner to ken.
  3. George Romero let me have a posed photo with him. Great guy. How do you post photos on here I have a few to share.
  4. Kenny is a dear friend of mine I known him for over thirty years. He did look abit drained but he kept on signing autographs till the end. He's 80 this year. God bless you Ken see you soon mate..
  5. Mr Romero was the guest for me at the weekend.... A photo shoot photo a personalized photo and a posed photo at the table can't be bad..
  6. Well George Romero was my favourite guest I've met him twice before and I was the first person to meet him on Saturday when he saw me he recognized me straight away coz of my height 4foot tall and a beard always friendly very chatty shooked my hand three times I had a posed photo and a personalized photo at the table. Mr Romero you made my day again...long live the living dead..
  7. I be alone at the weekend, it be my 8th year at this con I'm a old pro at conventions
  8. I got my arms covered with toos. A Clint Eastwood on my upper arm which is over twenty years old
  9. I've met George twice great guy can't wait to meet him again...
  10. Wow what a great guest, met him before. Wonderful
  11. Wow what a great guest, met him before. Wonderful
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