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  1. Yeah if u can't get a photo with the guest £100 or less I'm not interested. I don't mean the diamond pass before anyone says.
  2. Well some people can't get that amount of money until they are paid at the end of the month. People don't have big amounts of money put aside unless it's for something else like a holiday. Unless they work full time and live with there parents and don't pay bills. Easy life if that's the case lol.
  3. Make it marvel related please! Clark Gregg or any avenger/guardians. Maybe michael rooker as he good pals with Jason David frank.
  4. I be using passport. The eventbbite way of buying tickets and app is dreadful. Whoever thought buying them this way needs to be shot. Takes forever to load let alone the limited time limit.
  5. Any mighty morphin power rangers stars would be great.
  6. There better not lol. I'm hoping the costume ones will be the same photos as I just spent money on them.
  7. It worked now. Though it takes a very longtime for event bite to open and the timer is still stupid.
  8. Amazing though again the store isn't working properly to buy thing again. Got locked out of stupid time and it keeps for information I have not missed!
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