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  1. Can't decide whether this years experience was better or worse than last year. Pros: The queuing system outside... although it looked scarily daunting wasn't actually that bad. I think myself and friends were only queuing for approx. 45 minutes. Though I much preferred having the early bird option. Most of the staff were very friendly. Special shout out to Luke at photo booth A who managed to get people queuing in a fairly orderly fashion among the chaos of the TINY area (for such huge guests) but please.. next time.. give the poor guy a megaphone or something, I'd be surprised if he hasn't done some serious damage to his throat the way he was having to shout above the noise. Most of the staff seemed in good spirits from what I saw. Different story last year. The cosplay stage area was an AWESOME go to area to sit down and take a breather (and have some lunch). The cosplayers are upping their game every year. Props to you all (pun intended). Cons. WAY TOO MANY PEOPLE. AGAIN. I appreciate you didn't sell above capacity but due to the layout, from what I noticed, hardly anyone needed to go to levels 2 and 3 (3 was being used as a chill out area for a bunch of people due to it being so empty) so the majority of the 1000's of people were hanging out on level 1 and ground. Can't tell you how long it took us to get from the cosplay stage to what seemed like the only UP stairwell on the whole floor at the complete opposite end. Am I going mad but were there WAY more DOWN stairwells than UP? Halfway through the day, Olympia staff started opening the goods lifts to get people to the other floors as the lifts were packed and the stairwells had to be shut off for short periods of time due to too many people. I dread to think what would have happened if there had been a fire. Although there was more space overall.. the staggered level flooring is really not ideal for this type of event and capacity Staff were great but once again, most of them didn't have a clue where things were or how to help most people in general. I didn't need assistance myself but experienced so many people getting a blank reaction and some shrugged shoulders. This one is out of showmasters control but my god... so many rude, obnoxious people. Cosplayers included. Maybe it was the stress and heat of the day but someone pretty much took a chunk out of my shoulder angrily pushing past me with (what looked like) their week long camping trip rucksack flying about. WE'RE ALL IN THE SAME BOAT. Chill out and have some respect. Also... I respect each and every cosplayer for the effort you go through before and during con, but if you insist on wearing the biggest costume ever... don't huff and puff and get pissy because there's not enough room to move about freely. The non-cosplayers have a right to move around too. Autograph tables on level one were in a BAD spot. That particular part of the floor wasn't big enough for a few of the guests/queues there. The queues went right out into the tiny amount of walkway space there was anyway. Photo queues: Apart from my Tom Savini bunch getting shouted at for forming an orderly queue along side the wall (because apparently not hoarding around the entrance was a bad thing), I didn't experience too much hassle with my photo queues but again... A... the main booth was in a really bad spot for the guests you had in there and the obvious amount of people having to queue up. GET QUEUE BARRIERS!!! Being told, people will abuse the detachable rope by one of the staff was laughable. No one pays attention to the tape on the floor as it is. I saw SOOOO many queue jumpers. The only air con I experienced was on level 3 and it was lovely. Could have stayed up there all day. It was probably the sheer amount of body heat that prevented us from feeling any on the other floors (if it was on) but it's not safe. Saw a few people have panic attacks from the crowds they got caught up in. I really love LFCC. It's the only con event I've ever been too but you're growing at a crazy pace now - it's time to put some real thought into looking after the people who are making it grow. It really is the smaller things that will help in a huge way. Long live LFCC.
  2. Forum is great for feedback but a survey with a points system too would be awesome and way easier to collate general happiness (or lack thereof) feedback.
  3. I think it's fine. The only thing I worry about, or wish was a little different is that it was in a bigger venue. Though I'm hoping with the new 'no door sales' on the Saturday, this shouldn't be a problem. We'll see .
  4. I have absolutely no idea. Genuinely hope it's no one I'm going to love as I have no money until pay day and knowing my luck they'll sell out. Sob.
  5. I'm a huge horror and special effects makeup fan. Bit out of my price range but definitely look forward to seeing the Freddy photos after con!!!
  6. It's 9 months away - I'm not expecting anything until the beginning of the yeah - anything before is just a bonus
  7. Twisty the clown. In costume and character...
  8. AxelV


    Oh yeah I get that. Thing is, I'm a makeup artist so I'll be putting so much effort into the face etc I'd want the outfit to match that. I never spend too much at the actual conventions so I would be happy to pay out - I could always wear it again too, so it wouldn't be wasted money. :)
  9. AxelV


    Yeah that's always an option but I'd rather have the whole thing made to fit perfectly and to look as similar to the original as possible, I'm a bit particular like that. I do love Etsy though - you can find anything on there :) I found a girl who made/cosplayed a Nebula outfit in Norway - the costume was incredible - just waiting for a response :)
  10. AxelV


    Ok. I'm actually considering cosplaying at next years LFCC and I'm now on the lookout for a company/person who can make quality costumes. I'd have a go myself but I just don't have the skills (or patience). I want to go as Nebula from Guardians of the Galaxy. Does anyone know of anywhere that makes costumes on request? I'm literally just talking about what she wears, I can do the makeup and make her smaller details no problem. Thankies, A
  11. Much prefer Olympia to Earls Court. Even though it feels slightly smaller I love the open upstairs bit.
  12. lol Haim??? They're the last people i want at a geek fest.
  13. Yeah I wish this was possible too - especially considering I've had a few tickets go AWOL that I paid postage for.
  14. Yeah, we won't find out for a verrrryyyyyyy long time, I'd imagine... just in case something goes wrong and they can no longer obtain whatever this thing may be. :)
  15. Mine are on my Facebook, too. I think I've changed the privacy settings so they can be seen.... https://www.facebook.com/Vikkiaxeljones/media_set?set=a.10152868273681320.1073741837.507221319&type=1
  16. If I'm honest, I wanted it to be a littler busier BUT, I still had an awesome time. I'm normally a hardcore early bird goer but after the last two winter cons I've been to, I knew the deal. Got my standard entry ticket and rocked up at 12:30 able to walk straight in. Only had one shoot for the day which wasn't until 4:15 so hd plenty of time to look at the stalls and film/photo the cosplayers. There was even space to sit down and eat. WINNING. As a makeup artist/dressy up person, I LOVED the fact that Escapade fancy dress were there (I know they've been before but never had the time to see them lol) got some new aqua colours which was nice and their promotional clowns were super scary. I also unintentionally kept stalking a guy in a red bat suit (think he was part of Escapades) who looked a lot like Pedro Pascal. Hopefully I didn't creep him out. I met Mr Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson who was an absolute joy and even had time to go to the little GOT talk and the Cosplay Masquerade which I NEVER have time for. So yeah, really, really enjoyed the day and can't wait for the summer one. Bring on the chaos. Oh - and a shout out to the older guy with the glasses who mans the photo ops, keep meaning to get his name... YOU'RE AWESOME. Always goes out of his way to make people smile no matter what the situation. You're a star :) Axe.
  17. A few of my friends over the years (and one yesterday) have/had forgotten tickets. They've always been let in with their printed out email confirmation, no issues at all.
  18. I saw a few on the floor and a few others just left in odd places... no one like the pot noodle oder then? lol
  19. Amazing photos! Mine are all yellow from the lighting, sadly! Yeah mine always come out dark and orange unless I use my flash which I hate using. I've kinda gotten used to it over the last few years though.
  20. Too busy, too quiet. lol . It was extremely quiet, and I think, maybe quieter than last year but the winter ones are always quieter. I use them as an opportunity to check the stalls out and have a nice leisurely walk around. The summer ones, I'm always running to get to shoots etc. I do wish it has been a little busier but that's just the way it is. Can't really complain. Got there at 12:40 and left at 4:30 and spent the rest of the evening in the local pub.
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